Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Fat Tuesday

1202310 Feb 21 King Getting Ready Queen Waits

Mardi gras is French for Fat Tuesday, referring to the practice of the las1202345 Feb 21 The King Will End The Dayt night of eating richer, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season” from Wikipedia and it has come and gone here at the Plantation. Our gala dinner and skits was the ending to a great 5 days of Mardis Gras celebrations.

Barb & I met the King & Queen at the main entrance to the club house and we were  all dressed up in So1202314 Feb 21 Our Table From The Frontuthern Charm and redneck paraphernalia and I’m sure you can guess who was dressed in what but in case you can’t there were a few pictures! Anyway, after the King & Queen paraded around the room and tossing trinkets to the partiers, we sat for dinner and then entertained with skits. There were too many laughs to recount here so if you’re a SKP, you’ll have to come by the Plantation next year.1202330 Feb 21 Terry The Redneck Barb The Southern Belle

At the end of Mardis Gras, they take the King & Queen away using a skit and this years was by far the best ever – the Revenue guys swooped in and arrested the King & Queen for several tax violations and took them away. Seconds later, machine gun fire 1202324 Feb 21 The King Is Cuffed was heard and the King & Queen escaped. Actually they just took off their costumes and rejoined the party. It was a fitting dethroning!

Wednesday, all things have switched back to normal, Barb & I kicked back to recover from the very busy 5 days. The Thursday meal in the club house was canceled but the campground manager arranged for a special seating for us at the Road Kill Cafe – their motto – you kill it we grill it! They do not serve evening meals, just lunch so it is special for us. Anyway, the instructions said 5 PM so we took two other couple – Bill & Ann and Barry & Lorrie with us so we left the campground at 4:40 PM for the 151202350 Feb 23 Waiting For Seats minute drive to the cafe. We arrived there and all the seats were taken and we had to wait for another table to open up. You can imagine the various comments I made but still no one left! We finally were seated with other SKPs – Don & Gloria and Norm & Linda and had a very enjoyable meal and conversation. It was a good time for all. We kept on chatting and then realized we were the last ones remaining so we left full and happy.

We hope you are happy where ever you are….

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  1. food food and more food ,what no ice cream,,hehe,,well i guess its out of the pan and into the fire ,when jim and lydia arrive ,you will be so busy there ,,no rest for the wicked,,ok sounds like a gr8 time to be had there ,,so glad its fun for y!all..ok ttyl and gr8 big huggs..