Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

On the Road Again

We’re on the road again but the weather was not very friendly, the border crossing was quicker than other times. Yes, we were boarded again. The guard asked if we were bringing any food products in with us and of course, we said no! Oops, we forgot about the 2 chicken breasts in the freezer. He comes out with a heel of a green pepper but no chicken! Go figure! Anyway, he gives us the node and we’re on our way once again. The new access ramps for I75 make it very easy now. Remember how it was before they started this construction? How you had to drive through some of the least desirable parts of Detroit?

The traffic was pretty light – especially surprising since it is a travel day for a lot of Americans going to their Thanksgiving festivities. About 4, we started thinking about which WalMart we plan to get to for the night. We decide on one that is north of Cincinnati. We take the exit and make the necessary turns but can not find it! We follow the street that WalMart is supposed to be on but still no WalMart! Now we find ourselves in a residential area but wait, we see a low bridge sign – holy crap, now what! We zig this way and zag that way and finally wave down a lady in her car and ask for directions out and to the WalMart. Wouldn’t you know, it is at the next exit south on I75! Thanks to our new friend, we make it out to I75 and find the WalMart but as we enter the parking lot, we see the signs posted declaring that overnight RV parking was not allowed! Yikes! We go inside and sure enough, the local police have forced WalMart into this position. The Customer Service folks direct us to the next store south that does allow overnight parking and off we go again. Finally, we are parked and having dinner and it is 7:30PM – not bad since getting off the Interstate two hours ago!

The next day was mostly sunny and warmer, the traffic light again and we made good time. We check into the WalMart in Calhoun, Ga., about an hours drive from Jim & Lydia’s. We call ahead to confirm our reservation at their villa but they were out! Can’t understand why they were not next to their phone in anticipation of our call!

We’ll post again soon, be well wherever you are!

Our Christmas Celebration

 Shop, shop and shop…. Wow it must be that time of the year again – Christmas time! We are nearing the end of our stay as our family Christmas celebration draws near. Barb has been busy wrapping and more wrapping to get us ready. To add to our excitement, we had to take the sewing machine in for service but were assured that it would be back in our hands before we head south! OMG, we are down to the 11th hour and still do not have it! Will we have to leave before it is ready? The last minute call came in and we have to rush into London to pick it up – wow, talk about a close call.

It’s our Christmas weekend and we’re heading off to Toronto. We have rolled in all the slides and the rig is ready for a quick departure on Monday morning.

Saturday afternoon, Barb & Terri did the spa thing, Alex took in a show with a friend while Mark & I hung out, played pool and swilled a few brown rockets. We’re celebrating Miss Alex’s birthday with Terri and Mark Saturday evening.

Sunday is our Christmas day, we arrive at Corrie’s, set up the tree (a tree given to us by our very good friends in Minnesota – that would be you Karla) and all arrive and the fun begins! The kids are getting older so the Play Station is the centre of attention and keeps them engaged! Of course, the adults are the noisy ones again. We used to think it was the kids that made all the noise but now we know it’s the adults – everyone talking and laughing, it’s too much fun! Somehow we should be able to bottle this and sell it.
After a fabulous dinner, we settle the kids in front of the tree and Mack did a fantastic job of playing the Santa roll, handing out the gifts, giving everyone an opportunity to open and admire their new found wealth! Our youngest grandson wanted an Easy Bake oven and when he opened it, he was too happy! Everyone enjoyed the gathering, food, gifts and togetherness! We left late and drove back to the rig and ready for the long trip in the morning.

We had arranged for the campground to have our electric meter read and the bill ready for our 9AM departure! Well, we didn’t fall out of bed until 9! Yikes! Now a mad rush so we don’t hold up the office and to get us on the road to get as far south as possible!

Ok, so now we’re on the road and we’ll update our trip in the next edition. Keep well and be safe.

The Waiting Game

We left Larry’s a little later than expected but we were in no hurry so who cares? Right? That’s the advantage of this life style, come and leave when you want to! Anyway, we crossed the top of Toronto without any problems and arrived at the WalMart in Woodstock to shop and browse!

We arrived at the campground and started setting up and our new neighbors came out to meet and greet – how many home owners have this kind of social network in their neighborhood? Anyway, we’re all set up but had a little trouble finding a usable 30Amp electrical outlet – that should have been a message to me! Anyway, around 9PM, we start the microwave for hot drinks and poof, the lights go out! It’s not the best way to meet new neighbors but I did anyway. The rig behind us was also out of power! Wow, the whole service post – serving 2 sites – was dead! The campground owner came around and offered a 30Amp extension cord but it would only get 1 of us back on line! Since we could use our inverter, we let the neighbor take the extension cord offer – he is leaving the next day so we’ll be able to plug into it then. What a day! The fun never ends!

On Saturday, we left early to get propane and visit with John & Di for dinner and to get our Mexican Train fix! What fun, lots of laughs and good times! We left our electrical cord near the parks extension cord and the neighbor leaving was kind enough to plug us in!

We’re trying to visit family and friends, do maintenance on the truck, trailer and ourselves before we head south. We have had to unhook our water because of the below freezing temps on the cold nights but the days are good.

We’re having our family Christmas soon so we’re out and about getting gifts and stuff.

Until next time, hope all is well where ya’ll are!