Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Parade Day

I1202248 Feb 20 Back Of Our Float t’s Mardis Gras parade day here at the Plantation. Everyone was invited to participate in the 1202252 Feb 20 Lelah On Her Tractor parade from folks walking, golf carts, cars, trucks, our own tractor club and the local fire department were out to support our festivities. I’m not sure how many floats were in the parade but maybe you will get the gist from some of our pictures. Barb & I were on the ‘Royal’ float with the King & Queen tossing out tokens to the parade goers. All the floats were pulled by our tractor club. The parade started out at the club house and wound through the campground and ended back at the clubhouse for lunch, entertaining skits and the caned chair auction. It was a busy day! The parade started at 11 and the festivities wound up at 3PM after the auction. The highlight of the skits was our very own by the Queen. You can see it here.

1202259 Feb 20 The Queen King On Float

1202266 Feb 20 The Kings Ass 1202265 Feb 20 Ruth Jan In Pink Cart


1202285 Feb 20 King Queen Watching Auction


1202290 Feb 20 A Full House Over 250 People


In the evening, Barry & Lorrie, Barb & I took in the night Mardis Gras parade at Fairhope. To  ensure we found parking and a  spot at the sidelines, we left here at 5:30. We paid for parking to get close and the attendant parked us in first with a car behind. I was not worried about getting out as we could drive forward up a low incline toward the church. At the parade fence, we met more SKPs from the park and waited and watched the parade with them. It is a small parade compared to Pensacola’s but the floats were better decorated and way more gifts were tossed. As the last float went by, we talked about the 8 of us going to dinner – hey why not the Fish River Grill? As we arrived back at the truck, the other vehicle behind us was still there so we jumped in and started going up the small hill – wrong! I didn’t count of the grass being a little damp and the rear wheels just broke the sod and started slipping and we’re not moving forward. Ok, lets back up a bit and get lower on the hill and maybe we can get a small run at it – wrong again! Now we are really trapped and the other 4 SKPs were already in their way to meet us for dinner. I guess all we can do is go back to the parade and wait to the end. Finally, the last float passes and we head back to the truck again. We’re still waiting and the lot is almost empty – our thoughts started seeing the owner going to a bar for the après parade parties! Finally the owners arrived and kindly moved their car – they didn’t leave so we were lucky they came back. So now, off to the Fish River Grill for dinner and apologize to the other SKPs. As we get close, we don’t see any lights – their closed. We wonder what happen to the others and now where are we going to go? Off to the Mellow Mushroom in Foley – we had a nice dinner and found lots to talk about – and why wouldn’t we after this adventure?

We have one more day to go so come on back again for the gala ball.


  1. aha first one to comment hehe,,good pics ,y'all know how to have fun,,wish we could enjoy with you ,but maybe next year ,,ya right ,anyways love the blog ,,ttyl and gr8 big huggs

  2. went to here and didnt get the page ,humn says ur blog did not exist must be just me..