Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Some Say–Better Late….

I need to say sorry to my readers as I have not been very diligent writing my posts. The last post, I mentioned some of our activities like eating out and the ladies fabric shopping.

1702073 Feb 14 At Shrimp Basket With A GroupWe had a couple of February1702073 Feb 14 My Valentines Gift Lucky Me celebration meals, Valentines of course and a bunch of us went to the Shrimp Basket where it was all you can eat shrimp night. Well, not all of us eat shrimp so Bill and I did our best to eat what the others did not! I’m pretty sure the restaurant were happy to see us leave!


1702072 Feb 13 Anns 70th Birthday At JessesThe other celebration was Ann’s birthday. She does not like to celebrate it but we managed to wiggle ourselves into her birthday lunch but only if we didn’t sing or otherwise embarrass her in the restaurant and we didn’t. We went to Jesse’s in Magnolia Springs, always a great spot and it did not disappoint and we had a great time.


There are other thing we do too, we play card/board 1704023 Apr 01 The Mixed Group Tablegames on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s Fast Track on Friday nights between 6 of us and then at the club house on Saturday nights with as many that show up for Pegs and Jokers. Sometime we have 18 players and we break up into 6 per table. Did I mention we also go out to eat!



Another thing I neglected to mention was that my PC died and that kept me busy for a few days but it is a good thing I backed up recently so no ‘real’ damage done but still aggravating none the less. I’m sure you have had a similar experience, what do I buy now, there is so much hardware out there that it is a mind boggling exercise to make that decision. Since I don’t do a lot of ‘real’ processing of data, we decided that a 2in1 PC/Tablet may be the right decision and so far it has been.

On the last Monday of each month, a bunch of us go to a Mexican eatery that has a Mariachi band playing for the guests. They always stop at our table of 16-20 people and play a few songs. It’s always fun with good food and margaritas!

1702111 Feb 22 Carrabelle SignWe took a few days off from all the fun and excitem1702117 Feb 22 Sitting At Lydia Pauls Deckent here at the plantation and went over to Carrabelle Fl to visit with Lydia & Paul. We checked out the campground opportunities and decided that it would be more costly to drag the rig down there than taking a BnB for our stay. So we stayed at the Old Carrabelle Hotel, just 5 minutes from Lydia’s campground.

1702120 Feb 23 Old Carabelle Hotel Our BnB

Walks on the beach, games, touring 1702126 Feb 23 Lydia On The Beachand of course, eating out….. We had fun and it was great to see Lydia and Paul again. Our BnB was perfect for us. On our first evening, we tried the TV but only got a few channels and me being me, well, I screwed up the tuner and could only get a channel that looked like a heart monitor! The BnB owner was there the next day with a new TV and this time, Barb made sure I didn’t touch anything that can break!

1702148 Feb 24 Looking At The Counter AreaWe’ve always wanted to try out the Derailed Dinner truck stop on I10 so on the way home, we did. The food is good, the beer cold and the décor unique. The décor is centred around old cars and railway paraphernalia, interesting. Tractor seats along the lunch counter, a railway car as a dining room and other neat stuff.

We arrived back at the Plantation in time for our1702169 Feb 26 Barb And Terry At Clubhouse annual Mardis Gras celebrations so now is a good time to publish this post and hope you come back for another blurb soon – I will write another soon, honest!

Hope all is well where ever you are…..