Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Cool Weather Blues

Wow, this weather (10C/45F) is depressing – well not too depressing, we're not shoveling anything! Our last day of volunteering was Sunday and because we covered for the other golf host earlier, we're done early!

In June, we put recessed fluorescent lighting under the upper kitchen cabinets and after the job was done, I reinstalled a shelf too low and we couldn't get all the stuff back in the cabinet so Monday was a day to repair that mistake (hey, it only took me 6 months)! We also bought ourselves a new fry pan with no where to store it so while we had all the 'stuff' out of the cabinet, we (Barb) designed a new addition to the cabinet to house the new pan! We have to complete this project before we leave here. Off to Home Depot later this week.

Tuesday, we decided late (2PM) to play golf. It is a small window to play comfortably as the temps don't get warm enough until mid day then it cools down by 4:30ish so we really only thought we could get 9 holes in but did better and made it around 14 complete holes before it was too cold to play. Boy, a mishit sure vibrates through these old bones!

We're making plans for our New Years festivities. We're getting together with the other golf host and the park host here and making an evening of it. We'll let you know what transpires in our next edition!

The Holidays

Wow, what a busy day at the golf course. I thought the pro shop was giving away green fees as there were 30+ carts out that had to be cleaned! It was unexpected as the day before Christmas eve, I thought that no one would be out golfing!

Since Madison is reputed to be the "The Prettiest Small Town in America", Barb & I drove over to Madison to view the magnificent homes and see their Christmas lights. With nearly 100 Antebellum homes that have been carefully restored, we thought the decorations would be beautiful! To our disappointment, there was very few light displays at all! They decorate their homes with tons of evergreen wreaths, of course, don't show in the dark.

We had an enjoyable Christmas albeit a quiet one. We spoke to the kids on Christmas day and they were having a nice Christmas too. We went for a walk through a part of the state park, enjoying the sun and warmer weather. We bought a turkey breast for dinner and when we returned, we proceeded to prepare our Christmas dinner. Being only our second Christmas away from our family, it was strange not rushing around on Christmas Eve and Christmas day but it was enjoyable, just the two of us!

We spent boxing day on the golf course. It was cool but we managed to get the round in. But maybe the best part was after the round – hot chocolates with Amaretto and whip cream topping. Hummmm yummy! Skiers have apres-ski so why can't we have apres-golf in cold weather!

A Sad Christmas for Some

It's been a quiet few days here. It's been too cold so we haven't played since the last post but did hit the range a couple of times. It's painful on the hands when you mishit a shot. It may be cool but golfers are still out there so we have carts to clean.

A few days ago, there was a terrible head on crash just inside the state parks gates. The roads enters through the stone gates with a sight curve then a down hill grade. A car entering the park hit a truck pulling a horse trailer with 6 horses on board leaving the park head on and the young driver of 18 years in the car died on impact! According to all reports, he was 'texting' while he was driving and missed the curve and crossed the centre line! What a waste! His family will not be having a merry Christmas and will be saddened for all Christmas' here after.

Texting while driving is illegal here in Georgia too but that didn't stop the young driver. How have we gotten here where we have to pass laws to replace common sense.
Wow, the storm that swept throughout Florida is here also. Lots of rain and cool temps. We decided to stay in today. Barb has her embroidery machine out and has started a new project. I continue to update our blog and do some other domestic web stuff.
Had a fun morning taking the tire off the rig today. The 8 ton bottle jack has come in handy! Took the tire to the same mechanic that fixed the truck and he had the tire repaired by the time I ran some errands! It was a defective valve stem and was replaced for $8!

It has been wet here so I used several blocks to support the jack. As I'm jacking the trailer up, the blocks are sinking into the gravel! After a couple attempts of block adjustments, I finally pulled out an 8 foot 2X10 and placed it under the jack and finally got the trailer high enough to replace the repaired tire! So, why does an inflated tire seem heavier than an empty tire? I don't know but it was a struggle to get the 235/75/16 tire mounted back on the hub!

We had the other golf hosts over for happy hour. They live here in Georgia and are trying to sell their house and contemplating full timing. They're not convinced they could do it without a home base. We regaled them with our adventures and I'm sure their heads were spinning when they left and even more unsure of their future!
Toured around Madison but the day was cool and cloudy so committed to return and do the home walking tour on a better day. We also got our US cell phone working today. The Canadian cell companies are too expensive to use down here! We also had dinner at our favorite fast food joint – Sonics. Found a flat tire on the rig today. Good thing I know where to take it for repairs!

We tried playing today and then our cart duties – boy are we tired tonight.
Had neighbors in for happy hour. They are park hosts and helping the state park crew assemble new signs for the park. The state park system has had to reduce costs in this economic times but they are replacing all the signs in the state park system so they are standard throughout. I personally like the older ones, rustic, easy to read, they look like they belong within their environment. The new ones are too modern, wordy and not easy to read as your traveling along. So why change them? Who knows, it's the government for you. It was probably a 'make work' project.

Went in to Madison to get universal joint repaired. The recommendation was a good one, job done and not too expensive.

Went to the pro shop to meet staff and see what our duties will be for the month. As usual, everyone is very welcoming and laid back. Our tasks are to maintain the golf carts after they have been used, wash and dry them, park and plug them in – nothing strenuous! Barb has the more difficult task, she has to vacuum the pro shop at closing.

The tough part is waiting for the last golfers to come off the course. Darkness is our friend, it drives them in before we get too cold. The night temps have been cooler than normal – of course they are, we're here! We've had to disconnect our water a few nights to avoid freezing.

Not to busy of a week for us so far. We've taken advantage of the driving range to get the rust out of our golf swings, not to mention the kinks in our muscles!

On the way down, we noticed a vibration in the seats and then heard the ugly squawk of a worn universal joint. I asked around the gold club for a good mechanic to take the truck in for repairs.