Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

It’s Coming

This is the second time I have written this blog but the PC operator deleted some files because it was r e a l l y slow and he deleted the draft of this blog. So, lets see if I have any recall at all.Barb Hanging Purple Snowflakes

After getting our Mardis Gars decorations, we finally got them up and our site looks a little more festive.

Barb & I have been beating the bushes to see if anyone knows something about digital cameras and the many features they have available to the photographer. We were not successful so we are chairing a collaborative ‘round table’ conversation to see if we as a group can ‘learn’ more about our digitals. On our way back from the office with our poster, we stopped off at Rita & John’s to check out their new window drapes that Barb made for them. They are still happy. A storm looks to be coming our way so we had better get back to the rig – opps to late, about half way home, the clouds opened and the down pour soaked us through, thanks goodness it was warm!

Friday, weTree Growing On Railing take the day off and go over to Weeks Bay Reserve  with Barry & Lorrie. We had a park ranger chat with us about some of the finer points of the park. He mentioned that they recently completed a controlled burn to get rid of dry timber and unwanted ground growth to keep the forest healthy. After wandering around the nature display we venture out onto the boardwalk and of course, lots of conversation. There was lots to see from unusual tree trunk formations, of course Weeks Bay and even a salamander kept an eye on us. Notice the tree trunk growing over the hand rail of the board walk. The blackness of the rail was due to the recent burn but the tree sheltered the rail – that was kinda neat. From the viewing platform, we can see across Weeks Bay to Mobile Bay and have never been out there so why not?

We drove around to Pelican Point, past many nice looking homes – of course, they are looking out onto Mobile Bay. There is not much over at Pelican Point, just a boat launch but another opportunity for us to launch our kayak so maybe another trip there. After all this, it’s time for lunch and a beverage so off we go to Big Daddy’s. We’ve been there many times before and it is a terrific setting, sitting alongside the Fish River watching boats sail by.

Our weeks seem to run Barb Sewing Her Patchtogether as Barb goes to the clubhouse for sewing, knitting and quilting and I am still working on the rocking chair and making good headway. The back is done using the ‘snowflake’ pattern and I have started the seat caning. It’s the same pattern I used last year that I am familiar with but still use the coaching's of  Bob & Roger.




Tuesday night was the Baldwin Pops concert in Fairhope. Six of us – Pat & Carolyn,  Barry & Lorrie all travelled together and stopped for dinner first at the Old 27 Grill. We had good food and the usual southern service – y’all come back now, ya hear. The concert did not disappoint us, the performance was terrific and over too soon. Conductor Starts The Night


Abbots, OBriens Ellis At Old 27



Wednesday, I attended a cooking class. We have a professional cook that is conducting classes a couple times a month. Last year I took her Cajun cooking class and learned lots of neat stuff with some good recipes. This class was on crook pot cooking and after some discussion on food quality, where to buy and preparations, we got down to business and started getting ready for a sumptuous lunch. Miss Barbara, our cooking instructor created most of the crook pot recipes in the wee hours of the day so after we finished the prep work, we all sat for a great lunch.

Never let it be said that I am the sharpest knife in the drawer. We brought one of our chairs down for the Mardis Gras Caned Chair auction and I had forgotten it in the shed. Barb reminded me of it and suggested I put a hold on the rocker and get crack’n at the other chair. Have I mentioned that our Mardis Gras celebration is quickly approaching? Thank goodness I don’t need to refinish the chair – I have a secret sauce mixture from Al, a caner last year that cleans the old crude off and revitalizes the existing finish so Sunday, I applied it to the chair. Monday I put another coat on and wiped it down for a beautiful luster so I can start the chair Tuesday.

Wednesday is our landscaping day and we moved some more garden boarder stone out and dug out weeds and roots on an old garden that we didn’t want. We trimmed some bushes and planned a new garden. We probably won’t get all the work done before our departure for home.

1202061 Feb 10 Time To Check Menus Friday, Pat & Carolyn pulled together a lunch trip to McGuires Irish pub in Pensacola. In the end, 40 of us descended on the restaurant at 11:30 for lunch. Most of the people go for their famous bread pudding – me, I went for lunch! We took Barry & Lorrie and Bill and Ann with us so after lunch, we hit the ladies hot spots in Pensacola – Jo-Anns fabircs and A&E fabrics. The guys, well lets say we’re happy1202063 Feb 10 Barb In Finished Jacket just being there.

In all this activity, Barb managed to complete her quilted jacket. It looks great doesn’t it.


We hope you are well wherever you are out there…..


  1. wow busy busy again .great read as usual and keep up the good cooking ,maybe you can do some healthy food soon ,hehe,ok got some trailors to move for the show so huggs and ttyl..

  2. Oh, the fun of it all! Don't wear yourselves out before we get there!