Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Thank Goodness for Weekends!

1501014 Jan 03 Barb Using Designer WallWhen we retired, we said that everyday was a Saturday but now, we look forward to the weekends for a rest! When we finished the reno of the house this summer, we thought it will be great to get down here and kick back – that feeling lasted about a minute. Now we are1501083 Jan 24 Two Owls On A Branch Completed go go go – Barb quilting, knitting, quilting, wool applique, quilting and shopping for fabric so she can quilt! Me, I mill around the clubhouse and kibitz with some other guys there and we have become known as the board of directors, chaired by none other than Dick T. We generally have lots of laughs and when we get serious, we solve all the world’s problems. Also, the next time we gather, we solve them again! Then there is computer group on Thursday morning where we open the session with a discussion on restaurants – the good and the bad. This is important information down here! You don’t want to go out for a $20.00 meal and be disappointed.

Early in January, we had a freeze warning so the park shut off the water. Our water pump was leaking so we had to get another one. I went on line and ordered one from PPL Parts and it was here the next day and I had it installed before the park turned off the water. We didn’t expect the fast delivery so we had bought a couple of gallons of water to flush and a case to drink – isn’t that the way? Buy something you don’t really need to avoid a crisis – like a snow blower – and it doesn’t snow.

1501030 Jan 11 Judge Don Jerry Dick In JailWe have been to one of our favourite lunch spots – Big Daddy’s a few times already, sitting at a picnic table on the deck over looking the gently flowing Fish River. Have I 1501031 Jan 11 Ice Cream Social Crowdmentioned how good life is yet? And it is legal! We did take a few days off lately – we both came down with the crud – a little bug that made it’s way through the park and affected lots of others too. After we recovered, we have been kayaking twice and plans for more to come. It is coming up to Mardis Gras time again and they have started skits early to build the fun. It’s an added bonus to our ice cream socials on Sundays.

I needed an oil changed, a head light and the truck was slow to accelerate when asked to. The repairs turned into a 2 day adventure, replacing a lift pump, a fuel sensor and oh, what is that dripping I see? Not much, just a water pump. Now it should be ready for another 500K.

1501064 Jan 21 Barb Terry On Fish RiverThere is no good reason why I am so late in updating our1501059 Jan 21 Cheryl In With Grace blog entry except that time goes by so much quicker down here. Between the activities in the club house, lunches out, going to the movies and trying to keep everything in shape, the weeks are zipping by and before we know it, we’ll be heading north. Whew, that is a thought we try not to have. Going north means going to our house that has no furniture, food or entertainment stuff. Sounds pretty bleak but we are looking forward to it when we get there but for now, I gotta go, it is happy hour and someone needs a refill.

Hope everything is as good for you, where ever you are.

1501067 Jan 21 Heron Up On Top Of Tree