Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Too Much to Do

Time just zips by, so much done and so little said. This may seem disjointed writing but I’m having trouble with my rememberer remembering all the exciting things we have been doing.

Barb is very busy with her crafts and quilting ladies at the clubhouse. I have been busy sanding, staining and applying Varathane to the rocking chair to get ready for my caning lessons. Barb learned how to hook a rug using regular knitting wool and they – yes, I said they, she couldn’t stop at just one, we have 2 new hooked rugs to keep our tootsies snuggly at the sink and to wipe our shoes when we come in the door. They look great don’t they? Barb also learned how to apply and embroidery appliqué to fabric and made a couple of throw pillows for the living room. They look spectacular too. She is sooooo talented!
The design was all hand sewn

You remember we trimmed our Sago Palms and harvested about 30+ ‘pups’? Well, we took two that we liked, gave 5 to the park and offered the rest to anyone who needed Palms. They were gone that day and it helped that Ms Barb (a resident here) came over and took the remainder off our hands so she could plant around the park (she has volunteered to plant and maintain the public gardens in the park and she does an excellent job).

We are getting serious now about getting a new grill (BBQ) since we have a shed to store it in. Our neighbor is able to roll his grill in and out of his shed so we have a new project. Yes, we need more to do so we are building a small deck/porch for the shed so we don’t have to lift the grill in or out. A little plan, a shopping list and off we go. Within the day, we have it all done and anchored in place and ready for use. Now what you ask? Well, off to buy the grill and of course, our first cook out is steaks! Yeah, life is good.
Barb & I have been helping a few people having computer problems and learning some new things besides so it works out to be a two way street.

One of the other guys here was teaching how to make bamboo knitting needles so Barb signed me up. She likes her bamboo needles and thought she could save us money if I knew how to make them myself! Isn’t that nice, she is thinking of me and saving us money?

The quilting ladies spent a day fabric hunting in Pensacola. Arrangements had been made to tour a quilting equipment manufacturer, quilt shops, fabric retailers and of course lunch. Apparently, they all had a fun time and I’m sure plans are already in the works for the next one.  I don’t know where we can store all of her new materials.

Barb thought she wasn’t busy enough so she volunteered to make new window drapery for the front window of another Escapee’s motorhome. Barb smoked into it on Saturday morning and burned the midnight oils and finished them early Monday morning before coming to bed! We delivered them Monday afternoon and Bob and I installed them and they are very happy. They are getting the rest of the coach reupholstered but Barb didn’t raise her hand for that one, thank goodness!
Of course, there is always a lunch out. Dan & Barb asked if we like sea food and well, you know my line to that so we joined them at Steamers in Gulf Shores. It was good even if you don’t count the dollar draft! Barb had a couple of filets of Mahi Mahi and I had Royal Reds and Mahi Mahi – they had a special on, 6,6 and 6 – 6 oz each of 2 entries and 6 oz of potato or potato salad along with a tossed salad for $7.99, oh, and a dollar for a draft beer! After lunch, Dan & Barb went to the beach with his metal detector looking for his fortune while Barb & I headed back and stopped off at Ole Time Pottery, looking for a couple of planter pots to add to the deck and plant with ‘stuff’. Saw some nice pots but nothing there spoke to us that we needed it so we’re still looking.

Mardis Gras is fast approaching and the planning is moving forward. You can imagine our excitement, so shopping we go to Toomies Mardis Gras store. We had fun trying on lots of masks, hats and even a wig.  We bought wreaths and ornaments to decorate the yard.

We leave you with a few pictures of some of our neighbors that come around every day to say hello. We hope all is well with you where ever you are. If you have comments, please leave you for us.

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  1. Ooah! We love the Gulf Coast Steamer! We used to eat there everytime we went to Gulf Shores. Maybe we can make a return visit while we're down there??? I am envious of your birds. All we seem to attract is cats, despite having black oil sunflower seeds in the feeder all the time. Glad you are having a wonderful and productive time in your new digs. We'll be sure to save a few projects for you to help us finish! xxoo...L