Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

It’s Mardis Gras at The Plantation

1202147 Feb 17 Our Table As Pages It’s Mardis Gras Friday at the Plantation. This is the day that the King and Queen are chosen after dinner. It is customary that everyone eats a slice of King cake. A small plastic baby is hidden in 2 slices and whoever eats the slice with the baby, is th1202165 Feb 17 Terry Barb The Pagese King or the Queen. Here at the plantation, we use cupcakes instead of a King cake but all else is observed.

Barb & I were asked to be the Royal Pages for the  Mardis Gras celebrations for 2012. Once we finished our meal, we donned our Royal Page costumes and drifted around the room awaiting the King and Queen to be identified. We then whisked them off to the dressing room so they co1202160 Feb 17 Getting Ready For Royal Paradeuld change into their Royal robes to be sworn into service for the remainder of Mardis Gras. The excitement is mounting. Ron Phinney and Mary Moubrey found the baby in their cupcakes and we swoop down to escort them off. It is fun being a part of this years celebrations.

As we exit the dressing room, the crowd stands and the band plays As the Saints Come Marching In, what a hoot. We escort them to their thro1202159 Feb 17 Pages Read Proclaimation From Kingnes and Purple Ray proceeds to ‘swear’ them in and place the crowns on. Ron is taller than Ray so a step ladder was proved so  Ray could reach to place the crown – needless to say that was the first volley! After the ‘coronation’, the King and Queen did the customary parade around the room and handed out beads. Barb & I had to make sure the King and Queen had enough beads to hand out or toss. We settled back at the thrones for an evening of music and dance. It was fun with lots of laughs.

Saturday morning we had to be at the clubhouse early to meet the King and Queen and escort them in for breakfast. Again with the customary parade around the room 1202175 Feb 18 Queen King Eating Breakfast and once settled, we retrieved their breakfasts from the kitchen without standing in the line – there has to be some perks with this job! The remainder of the day was ours so we went into Pensacola with a few folks to watch one of the many Mardis Gras parades going on.  We arrived a little early – remember the night we went to the Christmas boat parade and also went a little early? Well this was even earlier but a whole lot warmer. Anyway, we have the chairs set up and started the ‘tailgate’ party while we waited for the parade. The crowds descended all around us and the parade made it’s way down the street. The pictures don’t really do it justice – lots of stuff  tossed our way. It did rain a couple of times but the party goes on.

1202195 Feb 18 Neptune Throws Beads

1202179 Feb 18 Ready For Parade In Three Hours1202183 Feb 18 Lined Up Along The Road

After the parade, we made our way down to Joe Patti’s, a 1202199 Feb 18 Terry Buying Mauhi Mauhi renowned sea food market with fresh catch of just about anything you can think of. It was the biggest and busiest fish market we’ve ever seen. We picked up a filet of Mahi-mahi while others in our group went for the 1202204 Feb 18 Pelican In The Watershrimp – they will steam them for you while you wait. We got home in time to unpack the truck and get inside and miss the torrential downpour of rain. We were in a flood warning weather alert and got about 4 inches of rain throughout the day.



1202208 Feb 19 Anna Helps The Clown Sunday brought us once again to the ice cream social Mardis Gras style. The staff made Root Beer floats for some and lots of ice cream for the rest. We met the King and Queen out front and the King brought us LED false teeth for the parade through the 200+ guests. We moved through the throngs passing out beads with our teeth flashing! The King was a little over dressed with his fish ne1202238 Feb 19 Sing On Chenillest stockings and bows of ribbons tied on for more decoration – not sure he needs more but great costume anyway! Lots of good fun for everyone. Once the dust settled, we scurried for their ice cream or floats and managed to get ourselves ice cream too – hey we can eat too. After, the local singing group, The Chenilles  gave us lots of laughter with their attempts to sing and then followed by a couple of humorous skits. Everyone is having a good time. Once the amateurs left the stage, the Wayfarers played a couple of sets until 9PM – whew another busy day.

1202230 Feb 19 Our Handsome King And Beautiful Queen Today is the parade, lunch and the caned chair auction so y’all come back for more later.


  1. Oh, my gosh! What fun you guys are having. Brings back memories of last year. Love the teeth and Terry's necklace. Stay sober!

  2. cant believe i got knocked down to second comment ..jeez and she doesn't update her blog with more gaiety from the newbies hehe...ok lots of fun for the group..and plenty of ice cream there also ..ok have fun and ttyl and huggs