Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

50th Honeymoon Trip Day 3

Monday May 15

17050166 May 15 Our Balcony To Back Of ShipToday we were suppose to be in Cork. They are having a storm and the waves are too high to tender in so we are bypassing this port of call. It is too bad as I really wanted to see Cork. So it was a free day at sea. For me it was a time to rest my legs. We wandered around the 17050168 May 15 Waiter Takes Our Picturedeck and ended up buying a trip T-shirt. For lunch we went to Crown Grill for an English lunch. Boy, was the line up long. We talked to a few people in line and that made the time go a little faster. It is amazing how many people take lots of cruises. One man is booking his third cruise for this year. We had a great lunch and the waiter took our picture for us. In the afternoon at 2pm we headed to the bean bag 17050170 May 15 Barb Plays Bean Bagtoss. We met Dale and Donna while waiting for the game to start and we got on the Gray team. There were 56 people playing on gray and blue teams. The gray team won and the blue team was eliminated. The gray team was divided in half and Terry was blue and Dale and I were gray. The gray team won again and I stayed gray and Dale became blue. The gray won the final round. I won and I am going up for a medal. Opps no medal but a bag clip that I have no use for but Terry thinks he can use in his man cave. The crowds watching 17050172 May 15 Terry Plays Bean Bagwere on three floors and down the stairs. Who would of thought so many people would be watching. After we went with Dale and Donna for happy hour in Club Fusion. They are from Los Angeles and have 4 children. After we exchanged numbers we headed back to our room. We are eating too much and decide that we will have pizza for supper tonight. We head to the Explorer’s Lounge for 8:45 to watch “My Wee Island” presentation by Nigel Jess. He was very funny and informative. From here we headed to the theatre for the 10 pm show with Paul Baker. He was a great singer and put on a good show. He sang songs from the shows he has played in Lion King, Les Miserable and many more. On our way back we stopped off at the Explorer Lounge and listened to the Pentatonics. It was a full busy day staying on board and we didn’t rest my feet very much.

Tuesday May 16

17050191 May 16 Leprachaun At DockWe have two days here in Belfast making our first day very relaxing as the boat wasn’t leaving and you could stay out a lot later. We booked a walking tour from Trinity College. What in the world was I thinking doing a walking tour! We had to walk forever just to get to the college and made it there with minutes to spare. The tour was 2 ½ hours long, oh my aching feet, knees and hips. Who in the world said I was still young. I am finding that I am really getting old on this trip. Okay so stop whining just get me a glass.

We met our guide and he took us through the college 17050194 May 16 Arch Tower Use To Be Monestarysquare and told us about each building, the statues and the history of the writers who graduated from here. Oscar Wilde was a student here. Then to the House Of Lords and history of the many battles that have occurred here in Ireland. This little Island has sure had it’s share of wars with Britain, France, Rome and Vikings. Of course, you can’t be here without going to the pub and we stopped at one that great writers used as it was close to school. Then over to the Dublin Castle where we 17050227 May 16 Use To Be Coach House Gateswalked around the outside. We went into the Dublin Gardens and under the plaza is the Black Lake which in the Viking time was a harbor. A river is also underground but when they covered it over they marked it’s direction with different bricks so you can see where it would be. This area is how Dublin got it’s name. Then a few blocks over to Christ Church. 17050237 May 16 Christ Church From A DistanceCatholics were not allowed here and were considered inferior people. They were not taught to read or write and therefore didn’t need education. Ireland lost most of it’s population because of the black plaque and people immigrating to North America. The population was 10 million and now they are about 3 million.

17050242 May 16 Remains Of Original Church

We then went back to the castle and went into17050258 May 16 Size Of Courtyard the military square where the secret service offices are, the queen’s throne room (when she is in town) and this is where the British stopped the war by surrendering their flag for the Irish Flag so ending a war. Walked down many cobblestone roads and stopped at a sculpture of Gogarty and Joyce at their table. Then down to Bloom’s hotel in Temple 17050211 May 16 Mural Of WritersBar and is covered in huge murals. Then we walked to City Hall and he showed us a place that because of the salt in the water and dirt had saved the wood from a Viking Village. Off to the Wood Quay we saw the original wall that was around Dublin. This was a good place as they had seats and I could sit down, YIPPEE!!! Down the road to Christ Church and people were sitting on the lawns having their fish’n’chips for lunch. We saw the original foundation for the church. Barb got caught taking a picture of a couple eating their lunch. I don’t think they understood her so they probably only spoke Gaelic. We finished our tour with a visit to the old City Hall and it is filled with statues and large pillars. Back to the Dublin Castle to the main courtyard and we ended our tour. we booked this tour on-line before we left home but found out it would have been less if we had paid the tour guide after the tour. Lesson learned for next time, right.

Lunch time so to find a pub – ahhh, we see O’Neill’s and go 17050262 May 16 Pub Wall Of Mirrorsinside. We run into a couple from the ship who are drinking up a storm. We sit in the bar area and have a drink and fish’n’chips. We shared a plate as they serve so much food. We got two large pieces of fish, chips, mushy peas and salad. We won’t eat again okay so we will keep on pushing it in. Outside we see the statue of Molly Malone or as the citizens call her “The tart with the cart”. We walk back to the 17050265 May 16 Molly Mallone Statueshuttle bus and get ready to go back to the ship. Can you believe it we left at 9:00 and it is now 4:00. No wonder I want to crawl onto the shuttle. We walked over 11,000 steps today. A short rest and then we went to the theatre to watch a Gaels Afloat a Irish group with dancers. It was a good show and then to the Island Dining room for supper. 17050272 May 16 Barb In Island RestaurantDo we really need to eat but we did. We sat with a nice couple from Arizona. There are a lot of Americans on this boat, some Canadians and some Brits and the most from Brazil. Now to bed.

50th Honeymoon Trip Day 2

Saturday May 13

The next morning we had coffee and cookies in the lounge of the hotel and waited for Sid. He offered to come back and pick us up at noon. He arrived and got us to the 17050051 May 13 Arriving At The Shipcorrect terminal, dropped off our bags and delivered us to the front doors. It cost 30 pounds with tip. So far in transportation in England it has cost us 113 pounds which is close to $226 CAD.

After going through security we were on the ship and headed to our stateroom. W17050056 May 13 Fruit Awaiting Deliverye are in room B735 on deck 11. It is a long walk to the main area of the ship but what a great view we have. We are on the starboard side and if it is clear we hope to occasionally see land. It is sunny out today but the wind is chilly. We sat out on the balcony and watched the activities of loading 17050068 May 13 Terry Barb Sitting On Balconyfood, people and lots of machinery moving around. We talked with the people who are living next door and waved to some on lower decks. Then we left port, heading to Guernsey, our first stop on one of the channel islands.

After we were out of the harbor we took a walk around the ship. Later we went down to have dinner and then off to the theater. We are not allowed to take pictures though many ignored the request. The show was to be David Copperfield and we thought it was the magician. We were very excited to see him and some magic. Well it was not the real guy but a singer/comedian. He was not all that great and we were disappointed. We got back to the room, watched a movie and then off to sleep.

Sunday, May 14

We woke on Mother’s Day as the ship was anchoring17050081 May 14 Looking South Down The Street at St. Peter Port, Guernsey. What a cute looking place. They don’t have a deep harbor port so we had to be tendered in. The people who were taking the ship’s tours got to go first and then those of us that were doing our own thing on shore next. At the dock, people dressed up in old vintage clothing for picture taking. We aren’t doing pictures as we never did 17050082 May 14 Yellow Townhousesanything with our last cruise pictures. At the bus terminal we found they had a bus tour for 7.5 pounds each that would take you around the island in 2 ½ hours. We bought tickets and climbed aboard. 17050084 May 14 Decorated Brick Fence

The trip was awesome we stopped for pictures at Pembroke Bay, white sand beaches and clear water. Our next stop was at Vazon Bay this area 17050098 May 14 Barb On The Ramp To Wateris a large expanse of sand that is a magnet for the Island’s extreme sports. Next we stopped at Portelet Bay which is close to the foot of the south coast cliffs and is a working harbor as well as a safe sheltered beach. From this location we could see Hou Island.

Then we headed to the Little Chapel. 17050109 May 14 Little Chapet From The Road (1)I had read about this place and was excited to go and see it. When our bus stopped people thought we were public transit and tried to board us. Our bus driver had to turn people away at the next two stops we are visiting. Anyway back 17050122 May 14 Barb Exiting The Little Chapelto the Little Chapel. It was the third one that was built and the builder demolished the first two. Possibly this is the smallest chapel that is decorated with broken pieces of china and seashells and pebbles. The hallway exiting is so narrow I felt like I needed to duck down to get out. It was well worth the visit.

We boarded the bus and we17050129 May 14 Barb Terry Standing On Edgent to St. Martin Down the the lowest southern point and ended up at Jerbourg Hotel. In the back is a cliff and from here we could see our ship and the island of Sark, Jersey was just a shadow far off into the water. Soon we were back into the town of St. Peter Port. On Sundays they have a Sunday By The Seashore Market. We walked around the market 17050135 May 14 Sunday By The Seaside Market and watched children playing with bubbles from a bubble machine. They sure were enjoying a fun time until their parents took them away. The wind was raw on the west side of the island but on the east side it was very lovely indeed. We headed back to the ship and noticed that the boats where sitting on the gravelly bottom and no water.

17050139 May 14 The Tides Out

Well the tide is out and the boats are in dry dock until the tide returns. It was like Alma, Nova Scotia and just as pretty.

17050143 May 14 Barb By The Shore

17050150 May 14 Two Tired Souls Selfie

We got the tender back to the ship. I was exhausted so can you believe I went to bed. I slept most of the late afternoon away but didn’t feel anymore rested once I woke. We went down for a light dinner of pizza and got to sit by a window overlooking the island. At 7pm we went to the Captain’s Welcome Champagne Waterfall Party. They never did fill up all the glass so it wasn’t 17050159 May 14 Maitre d Hotel Francesco Ciorfito Champagne Waterfallmuch of a waterfall. Many people went up to pour the champagne with the Maître D'hôtel and had their pictures taken. At 8:30pm we headed to the theatre to watch the Production Show Bravo. It was awesome with the people singing and dancing. Back to the room exhausted. We walked over 8,000 steps today.

Stay tuned for more of our trip around the UK….

17050154 May 14 Front Of Condor (1)

A Fantastic Surprise When We Arrived Home

1704181 Apr 23 Terry Fixing Our Flat TireOur trip back from the Plantation was uneventful except we picked up a nail, causing a slow tire leak. Nothing serious but you know it is a pain. We did not take on any side trips except to stop off at Ellicottville to have a short visit with Terri & Mark. Somewhere around Ellicottville, someone is missing a nail.

As we walked into our house we were1704184 Apr 23 Decorations In The Kitchen greeted with 50th 1704187 Apr 24 Terry Barb In 50 BalloonsAnniversary decorations – sometimes it doesn’t pay to leave a key with your daughter…. but it was fun and we appreciated her kindness.

1704189 Apr 24 Selfie In Funky Party Hats

1704203 Apr 28 Terry Barb Dressed UpThis was one of the few years that we 1704193 Apr 28 Barb Sitting At Window Tablehave been ‘home’ to celebrate our anniversary so we made plans. The most acceptable plan was a romantic dinner for two at the Watermark Restaurant at the Hilton in Niagara falls. After all, it was Niagara Falls where we started our adventure 50 years ago! We asked for a window seat, explaining our celebration and1704198 Apr 28 The Falls Lights Up the staff went out of 1704195  Apr 28 Our View Of American Fallstheir way to ensure we had a wonderful view and the service was excellent – not to mention the company was outstanding too. The evening was perfect, great food and the weather cooperated to provide the best view of the falls.

We have a second honeymoon planned and come back again soon to read about the wonderful time we had…. hope all is well where you are.

Happy Anniversary

1704040 Apr 04 Ospreys Looking At Us

Marti & I s1704034 Apr 04 All Aboardet up an ECO boat tour of Weeks Bay & the Magnolia River for 16+ folks. The day started out a bit misty and overcast but as we started down the river, the mist and clouds cleared and we were under beautiful blue skies. The ‘captain’ shared stories and highlights of the river as we sailed toward Magnolia Springs.

1704042 Apr 04 Vultures On A Roof

We saw some raptors and water fowl along the way. Except for the water mail delivery, the river was very quiet.

1704056 Apr 04 Dallas At The End Of The Table

After the cruise, some of us went up to Cousin Vinny’s for some excellent pizza. They had us set up in an area in the back – good choice for our rowdy crowd – and we all sat together which is an ingredient for more fun and good times.

We were excited it was April because Terri & Mark 1704069 Apr 08 Sitting In The Shade Of The Magnoliawere coming down again for a 4 day weekend. They got held up at the Toronto due to a bomb threat but did manage to get to Chicago but the gate was closed when they arrived to board the flight to Mobile and had to lay over for 24 hours. So their 4 day weekend was cut down to 3! We made some changes to their itinerary and made the best of their visit.

We planned a large happy hour while they were here to 1704078 Apr 08 Terri Mark Enjoy The Celebrationcelebrate our 50th wedding anniversary with our friends here at the Plantation. No one knew (except Terri & Mark after they landed) so it was a reverse surprise party with decorations etc. We had 50ish friends and neighbors all having a good time with us.

1704086 Apr 08 Fluffy Mike Nancy Phyllis Jim Barb Bob Jerry Bob1704087 Apr 08 Ruth Dawnice Betty Mark Gary Ron Chuck Kelli Stacy Bob Jerry Bob1704090 Apr 08 Everyone Enjoying The Get Together1704091 Apr 08 Such Great Friends

1704096 Apr 09 Terri Mark See Inside Placemat

Barb always tries to surprise Terri & Mark with a little something to take home. This time, she made them placemats for them when they have pot lucks at the ski hill. Later, we drove down to Fort Morgan to take the ferry across to Dauphin Island and the visit the Dauphin Island Estuarium.

But surprise, 1704100 Apr 09 Walking Down The Trailthe ferries are not on a regular schedule and the wait was too long so we came up with plan B – hike the nature trail at the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge. After that hike, we needed a cold beverage so back to Gulf Shores and to The Hangout right there on the beach. We managed to get a table on the porch overlooking the beach. Good food and cold beer, can’t get much 1704108 Apr 09 Up In The Observation Towerbetter! This place must rock during spring break and the summer. Marti & Larry had a dinner party to end off Terri & Mark’s visit. Another great visit in the memory banks.1704115 Apr 09 Terry Mark At The Hangout

1704129 Apr 11 Good Lunch For Betty Jerry At Sunset PointBetty & Jerry were heading north early this year and we didn’t have a chance to take them to another one of our favorite eateries – Sunset Point Grill – so we crammed it in before they left. Imagine, sitting out on their deck, overlooking the marina, watching the sun set over Mobile Bay. Too nice.

1704136 Apr 11 Sun Setting At Sunset Point

The rest of April was filled with more eating, celebrating the sun rising in the east or any other excuse we can think of. Happy hours and last minute chores like staining our deck. We even got the boat wet one last tim1704178 Apr 20 Happy Hour Back At Bill Anne and then packed it up and left it in the shed.

1704169 Apr 19 A Selfie On The Water

We left a little early this year so we wouldn’t be on the road celebrating our 50th anniversary! Hope all is well where you are…..