Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

50th Honeymoon Trip Day 9

Sunday May 21

17050595 May 21 Oil RigsWe are now in Invergordon, Scotland and our tour is in the afternoon.17050601 May 21 Welcome Failte Scotty So we went down to breakfast and then out to tour the little village of Invergordon. They have a 17050615 May 21 Fire Fighting Murallot of murals and since Barb  loves murals off we go. They also have a lot of flowers with lots wonderful aromas. We walked from one end of the town to the other and got all the murals even the ones at the 17050609 May 21 Homes In Invergordontrain station. We went into the town Parish just before their Sunday 17050627 May 21 Parish Churchservice so we were very quick. We stopped into the grocery and bought some toothpaste and hairspray. Boy, going into the grocery makes you feel like a local. We went back to the ship to have lunch and rest our feet. At the gate this morning we were greeted by Beefeaters for picture taking.17050600 May 21 Beefeaters Welcome Us

17050607 May 21 Carrabean Princess From Shore

17050666 May 21 Dunrobin CastleAt 1:00 we boarded the bus for a trip to Dunrobin Castle, is a stately home in Sutherland, in the Highland area of Scotland, and the family seat of the Earl of Sutherland and the Clan Sutherland. This is the oldest castle that still has family residing insi17050668 May 21 Young Lad Playing Bagpipesde. They only come here a few times a year though. Outside was a young teen playing the bagpipes. He belongs to the Sutherland Pipe Band and goes to school at the Sutherland school. As I looked at 17050675 May 21 Ancestors On The Wallpictures of the ancestors I checked them out to see if they looked like Gerry, my cousin. Well none did and isn’t that too bad. We were allowed to only take pictures on the main floor 17050676 May 21 Wall Picture Of Estatewhich is the foyer and gift room. I don’t really understand why they could of just said no flash. We did the tour with our guide and she explained a lot. You can book the diningroom and the library for weddings or office meetings. The staff gets to have their Christmas party in the diningroom. We then got to 17050680 May 21 Round Gardenwalk through the gardens and they were awesome. There were large leaf plants and lots of different shrubs and flowers. We watched them video a movie 17050685 May 21 What Large Leavesthey are making of a man riding a bike. We then headed back to the ship and they took a different route and we got to see some Seals laying on the sandbars as the tide was out. 17050686 May 21 Castle From Circle Garden

17050716 May 21 Seal In The Water

17050722 May 21 Having Drinks With Donna DaleWe met Donna and Dale in the Piazzia for drinks and then went to the Island Room for supper. We got a really nice wait staff and young guy from India and a funny cute girl from the Ukrane. Following dinner we headed to the theatre for comedy night with Scott Harris. He is a Canadian comic and he was so funny. His jokes were all based around our age and how we played outside and our parents weren’t concerned with us and let us do anything. How we were afraid of our parents where today's parents are afraid of their children. He was hilarious. We laughed so hard we decided we need a nightcap so the four us headed to the Explorer’s Lounge. Then a good night and back to our room. Another great day was had by the both of us.

17050696 May 21 Double Bloom Red White Tulips

50th Honeymoon Trip Day 7 & 8

17050432 May 19 Scottie Man At DockToday we are in Glasgow 17050435 May 19 Queens Guard Greet UsScotland. We are doing a tour to The Falkirk Wheel and to Stirling Castle. We had a young lady from the area as a tour guide and she was very good. I just love listening to their accents. When we docked we were in Greenock. It has a 90% rate of unemployment.
T17050445 May 19 Houses On The Moorhe drive to the wheel is 1 ½ hours through some beautiful countryside and along the River Clyde. We saw a large 17050555 May 19 House They Hit Mary Queen Of Scots rock in the middle of the river and a house on it near the water. This house was built to hide Mary Queen of Scots. They had heard that someone was going to kidnap the young queen so they hid her out here. Her father died when she was 6 days old and she became the Queen. We continued along, viewing homes, gardens and 17050451 May 19 Arriving At Falkirk Wheelchurches and finally arrived at the wheel. In the parking lot were two horse heads, they are called Kelpies here. They are a 17050452 May 19 Inside The Vesselsmall replica of the original Kelpies that stand 30 meters high further away. 17050454 May 19 Selfie Of UsThe Wheel lifts the boat up 24 meters to the canal. 17050456 May 19 Going UpWe go through a tunnel and turn around on the other side. All the locks are 17050458 May 19 Above The Building
manually controlled and a man is positioned at each one of 17050459 May 19 At The Top Of The Channelthem. Being a lock operator must be a boring job.

17050462 May 19 Grosse In Bloom

17050471 May 19 Village By Falkirk WheelFrom here we continue to Stirling Castle. The town is divided into lower Stirling and upper Stirling where the castle is located17050500 May 19 Barb By Steps. Only one couple got off in the lower more modern part of town. The castle is very large and a lot of the rooms mostly 17050503 May 19 Castle Entrance empty. We walked around and I really liked the wood carvings of all the faces of royalty. I am amazed at all the flowering azaleas, 17050518 May 19 Mary Queen Of Scotland Lived Herepeonies, daisies, rhododendrons and roses all in bloom. It is really pretty watching all the English Gardens as we17050517 May 19 Courtyard drive by.

17050554 May 19 Castle From Bottom Of Hill

17050557 May 19 Piping Us Out Of The HarborWe got stopped on the motorway in Glasgow because of a 4 car accident and thought we were going to be late getting back to the boat. We made it just on time. One bus came in 45 minutes late as they got caught in traffic also. A pipe band marched up and down the dock with the large Scotty dancing behind them. 17050559 May 19 Cheers Terri Mark

We popped the champagne that Terri & Mark sent us and sat out on our balcony to watch and listen. After dinner we went to the theatre and watched Uptown. Three young guys danced and sang such an upbeat performance. They were fantastic and we enjoyed the show immensely. What a great end to a wonderful day.

17050566 May 19 Sun Is Going Down
Saturday May 20
I am so grateful that today is an At Sea day. I am exhausted, we are averaging 10,000 17050569 May 20 Memosa Toast (2)steps a day and Barb’s hips are crying out for some relief. We started out with our honeymoon breakfast that Terri & Mark gave us. Wow, the purser brought so much food th17050568 May 20 Famosa Toast (1)at I asked the waiter if we were having guests join us, LOL!! We had smoked salmon plate, fresh fruit plate, pastry plate and Quiche Lorraine. Along with that we had champagne, orange juice and coffee. It was too cold to eat out on the balcony so we were set up in front of the windows and had a very enjoyable meal.
We walked up to the 16th floor Skywalker deck and around to the front, went to the Thermal room to see what it was all about. We don’t have our bathing suits so the 17050575 May 20 Over North End Of Scotlandshower is out, the sauna is too steamy for Barb, she is already having trouble breathing in the hallway. There was an aroma therapy room and a room with hot lounge chairs. A large man was laying 17050578 May 20 Lots Of Great Cliffsnaked except for the towel that covered his privates. So we decided we didn’t want to lay on a lounge with him there, we will come back another day. We asked if we could change it for a foot massage but 17050582 May 20 Cliffsshe said there are no changes. So off the front of the ship and then to lunch. We ate with a couple from Montreal Bill & Lydia, who do a lot of cruising. They were a lot of fun and very interesting that after our meal we sat and talked for a while before going back to our room. With having a balcony it makes no sense to be pushed 17050585 May 20 Supper By The Windowaround and put up with all the noise to sit and read. I worked on pictures and Terry read up on our next exit from the ship and played some solitaire. In the evening we went to the theatre to watch the Princess singers and dancers put on a Broadway Ballroom Show. It was just awesome and they did a great job even with the ship bobbing and weaving in the water. After this was over we 17050589 May 20 Balloon Drop Tonightwent and watched ballroom dancing were a lady was teaching the waltz. It was fun to watch mainly the men trying to do this. One oriental couple picked it up quickly and they were very good. From here we went to the Explorer’s Bar and were joined by another couple from California. We played trivia as a team but only got two answers right.17050594 May 20 Balloons Have Dropped

Back to the room to watch some news of the States and to bed.

50th Honeymoon Trip Day 6

Thursday May 18

17050353 May 18 Arriving In BelfastWe woke up in Belfast to another beautiful day in the sun. The breeze is cold 17050357 May 18 Barb At Tentin the shade but if you are in the sun it is wonderful. We climb on a shuttle bus and head into the city. We got on a City Bus Tour and headed out. We are interested to see the wall between the Catholics 17050414 May 18 Titanic Museumand Protestants. The bus starts out going to the Titanic Museum. The Titanic was built here and was one of their biggest and best of ships until it sank. We decided we didn’t want to walk around the museum so we stayed on the bus. We didn’t realize that this was the only stop. We traveled passed St George’s Market, Queen’s University and to the political area where 17050381 May 18 Wall Between Catholic Protestantsthe wall is. We are amazed at the size of the wall. During the war as it got worse the wall got higher and each time was made my different material. Started with cement, wood and then chain link and barb wire. The peace between the religions is still tentative today. The tour guide said they are afraid that it could start again at any time. They have amazing murals on the wall of the barrier. The gates of the 17050390 May 18 Faces On Wallwall are still closed nightly and the guide emphasized that if you were not on the correct side of the wall when they did, you may have to stay the  night until they opened in the morning.

Through the town they have murals dedicated to those who died and those who sacrificed their lives. Bobby Sands was the first17050393 May 18 Bobby Sands Mural to die during a hunger strike. We finished our tour going around the Belfast Castle and Gardens it was high up and you could see the whole of Belfast from up here. It is chilly out and we are traveling in an open topped bus, brrrr.

17050410 May 18 Inside The Fountain Bar

We got back to our start and asked one of the other tour guides directions to a pub, he said follow me! As we got off the bus it had begun to rain and by the time we got to the pub it was pouring. He took us up to the second floor and made sure we had a place to sit. By the time I turned to thank him, he had gone! We had a great meal, Terry had a brisket sub and I have a chicken wrap. An appetizer was Potato Pots and we ordered one, it was great but was just roasted potatoes with bacon. While there, it stopped raining but when we left it was pouring again. We stopped at a bakery and bought some soda bread as they said it was the most awesome thing. Since it was pouring we decided to head back to the ship. By the time the shuttle bus pulled out the rain had stopped.

Some interesting photos on our day tour of Belfast, mouse over for an explanation:

17050358 May 18 City Hall17050366 May 18 Gates Into The Ulster University17050368 May 18 Open Air Bus And Freezing

17050369 May 18 Belfast Castle17050370 May 18 Castle Gardens17050377 May 18 City Street

17050394 May 18 Twin Church Peaks17050424 May 18 Belfast Castle

We had dinner at the Island Dining room and joined 6 other people. It was a fun table with teachers and a professor of veterinary medicine. We left right after dinner though as it was almost show time. Tonight was the second time with Paul Baker but it wasn’t as good as his first show – isn’t that always the way, your expectations are higher after a good thing. We stopped into the Explorer's lounge and watched some of the Pentatonics. Soon our old age set in and we are ready to go to our room put on our pj’s