Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Catching Up from Goshen

It’s been brought to my attention that I have been a little more than tardy in updating this blog!  I apologize to all our regular readers and hope that you return.

After the Escapee blast in Goshen, we made our way to Lake Huron Resort, north of Goderich. It is a quiet Passport America campground and the management always treats us great. We stayed a few days, broke bread with family and friends, and relaxed.

Sept 23rd, we left Goderich and wandered down to my brother’s driveway to help him around the house. He appreciates any help he can get. While we were there, he had a plumber in to clear a clogged drain. After trying a couple of upstairs traps with his electric eel, the water started draining away nicely – the problem solved! Wrong! We descend to the main floor to find water pouring out of the pool table light fixture, onto the pool table! It’s a good thing he had a vinyl dust cover over it! We quickly grabbed a shop vac and got all the water off the table! Hummmm – we all know water is not leaking where it appears, so how much ceiling do we remove and where do we start?

After all the shock wore off, we eventually removed 128 sq feet of ceiling and found the leaking pipe! It wasn’t pretty, the old copper drain line was rotten in 3 different places and we see that it has been dripping for some time – lots of mold and wetness above! All is good now with pipes replaced and a new ceiling put back up! Sometimes things like this make you wonder if it happened for a reason!

When we were here in August, Barb agreed to make some Roman Shades for the dining room and living room windows! Barb did an excellent job and had 90% done by Thanksgiving.


This year, the Ellis clan spent Thanksgiving near Kemptville. This was our 25th year and to celebrate this event, Barb embroidered napkins for the adults to keep.

We all arrived Sunday afternoon and had 30 people sit for dinner. A camp fire was lit and all the cousins, nieces and nephews all had a great time. Some of us stayed over night and Barb & I headed back Monday after breakfast, taking the scenic route along highway 7! We wanted to inspect a few campgrounds in the Lindsay area for possible sites for next year.
We looked at 3 campgrounds and we liked the management of one, the site at another and the possibilities of an extended season at the last one! Decisions…. So the easy way out is leave the decision until spring and take what’s left!

One of the benefits of staying here is that we can attend any grandkid activity that we get invited to. Mark, one of our son-in-laws mentioned that his daughter Alex was having a skating practice and wondered if we wanted to go watch – well of course we would! It’s been a long time since we have been in an ice rink arena – brrrrr! Alex did a great job of entertaining us while we watched her go through her practice routine.

Just to top off an already busy time, we asked our grandson, Nate to spend the weekend with us. He likes to have a sleep over and we enjoy having him. Barb always plans activities and special meals. We had a couple of ‘spooktacular’ dinners to celebrate the hallowed season. We took a couple of hikes on the Seaton Trail and Nate made a few craft items to take home to Mom.
Back at my brother’s to finish the window blinds and do some yard work. Barb & I  cleaned up the leaves on his front yard although you wouldn’t know it now! We used his power washer to clean off the algae and moss from the stoned front porch. I guess it was too much for the unit – it broke down as we neared the end! I’m sure Larry will not want us back again!

We’re moving tomorrow to our usual campground for a month before we head south for the winter. We’ll have more info in a week or so….. hope all is well there.