Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Back to Normal

It's a quilting assembly line We are back into the swing full time. It doesn’t take long for The assembly and sewing line everyone to recover from the Mardis Gras party. Friday morning there was a quilt blitz at the clubhouse – men and women cutting and assembling quilts for a boys ranch near here. By the time the dust settled at the end of the day, the group made 15 quilted blankets. More than they need at the boys ranch so the remainder will be donated to the local Fire Department for kids. (Mouse over the pictures for the captions)

More sewing The first one is done! 15 done in a day - wow

Barb & I hosted a digital camera session in the afternoon. Our plan was to moderate a discussion on Our digital camera group the issues people have with their camerDenny singing to one of the ladiesas so we can all learn a little something. We were over whelmed with the turn out – 37 people showed up and with their cameras that ranged from the small pocket style to the large many $$ sized ones. Everyone had an opportunity to have a say and from there we developed a plan for the next few weeks of learning. The evening brought us Denny Yeary from Branson to entertain us again. He was here earlier and stopped off to put on a show before he headed off to Arizona.

Barb is the team leader for the quilters raffle quilt for next year so she is busy with a small group of other quilters laying out, cutting and assembling the pieces. Their time in the clubhouse has to be fit into the other activities so Saturday afternoon was a good time slot without interfering with anything else going on. I stayed back at the rig trying to get our home movies updated.

Sunday is of course the ice cream social. Coach Dave – one of the regular campers here entertained us for 90 minutes after the social. He plays accordion and keyboards – at the same time!

I’ve started working on our rocking chair again and Barb is busy with the quilters. She is knitting herself a pair of socks and finished them on Tuesday evening. She put them on and danced around as if she was in her right mind exclaimiHe's not sure to take off or notng that she finally has a pair of socks that fit!

Jay tells us this is the perfect size for taste Wednesday, Barb & I and Barry & Lorrie took a  boat cruise along and through the creeks on the Fish River. It was unfortunate that we did not see very much wildlife except for pelicans – we always see pelicans. We did see a Sandhill Crane but he would not move into the clearing for a photo – you would think that wildlife would pose better. One of the campers here has a boat and charges a small fee for these boat tours with the proceeds coming back to the club for improvements in the clubhouse. That’s a very generous offer for him to do that. He was out fishing earlier and caught himself a flounder. He usually does catch and release but kept this in his fish well to show us. They are of the same family as Halibut and as ugly.Interesting root formations

Good food, good company with our Canadian buds at Lulu's 3 Years ago, we met Pat & Carolyn and Barry & Lorrie – our other Canadian RVers that have been good friends. Pat & Carolyn will be heading on down the road soon so we all went to Lulu’s for lunch and an opportunity to talk up without the activities of the clubhouse interfering! Lulu’s is right on the intercoastal waterway and we always get a table on the rail overlooking the water – you can understand why this is one our favorite eateries.

Friday brought about our camera session again with a few fewer – that’s like saying all ya’ll – anyway, we had fewer attendees but one of the guys volunteered to put on a small presentation on camera composition. We had some technical difficulties getting his Macbook to talk to the projector so we switched to plan B and proceeded with good success. I think we are all learning a little each time we get together. Late in the afternoon, we were under a tornado watch but it went west and north of us but folks back home were concerned and asked if we were ok.

The temps dropped quit a bit Saturday with lots of rain throughout the day but the next week is looking great. Hope all is good where ever you are.


  1. wow busy as usual,jack of all trades ,and a master of most..you both are a magnet of gr8ness,hehe,wishing you the best of whats left down in L.A.,and are looking forward to the end of april to see you again,,,huggs and l.oh when are lydia and jim going to be there???or are they ???

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