Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Our Canadian Season Comes to an End

After such a busy day Tuesday, we just hung out Wednesday and if we moved, it was slowly! I should be more specific, I’m the only one moving slowly as Barb is a busy bee working on a couple of Christmas sewing projects. But you guys knew this didn’t you! The last couple of nights have been below freezing so I had to put the water line away until morning. I haven’t insulated or placed a heater wire on it yet – and may not, we only have 11 days left before we head south!

Sunday we decided to take our grandsons to the movies. We have reached that fork in the road; our 14 year old grandson has plans with his friends and can not come out to play with us! So with tickets purchased, we load Nate and his mom, Corrie for a great afternoon in front of Puss in Boots! We did the 3D experience and it was a fun flick!

Our family Christmas is quickly approaching for us and we have seriously started our shopping. Not a fun event for Barb because I am shopping challenged! I’m not one to browse and look for the perfect item. You can see her frustration with me! Anyway, it was successful none the less and we (meaning Barb) had it all wrapped before hitting the sack – no not me, bed!

The next couple of days were spent Christmas shopping and being busy. Not sure where the time goes but wow, so close to our departure now. We have heard from some of our friends at The Plantation and the activities are quickly spinning up to speed. It makes us even more excited to get down to our site and be part of the community. Of course, we had our doctor’s appointments and are marking time, awaiting results! That keeps you on pins and needles wondering if we need more drugs to keep us ‘normal’!

In mid week, we tripped down to our good friends for a day/night Mexican Train fix! Diane had a cold and was so kind to share it! It is that time of the year isn’t it? We had a great time, catching up on each others news and of course, playing Mexican Train until the wee hours. Other friends – Ray & Donna stopped by to play too and with a few beverages and some good laughs, we had a very enjoyable couple of days. Soon after, we met another pair of ‘old RVing’ buds for lunch, Kay & John. We met them during our first year of full timing in 2001. We have kept in touch with them since, meeting at various places here or on the road. It’s a great life style and be able to stay in touch.

We hope you are able to do the same, where ever you are…..