Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

A Vacation Trip

1502006 Feb 03 Quilt Corner BusyHoly crap, where does the time go? It seems I just 1502012 Feb 04 Snow Days Quilt Finishedupdated our blog then I turn around and a month has past me by! Where to start? I think in my last posting – oh so long ago, I pretty much covered off January. Let me recap – lunches, happy hours and quilting for Barb and BS’ing for me. I will try to bring you up to-date on our February activities so far.

Our neighbour has had a difficult time finding a reliable guy to wash her rig so I offered to do it for her – isn’t that the SKP way? The weather has not co-operated but I finally finished it March 1st and now onto some of our own projects and it seems the weather is warming a bit here. We haven’t even been out kayaking very much because of the cool temps or rain.


1502051 Feb 09 At The Water At The ShedIn early February, our Ladies thought they should make a trip to Ocean Springs, MS for fabric and the guys would 1502064 Feb 11 Terry Cheryl Tom Taking My Picture Ann Billmeet them at The Shed for a BBQ lunch. We left an hour or so behind them so we wouldn’t be sitting and waiting, consuming way too much while they shopped. Well, the fabric store was closed and the Ladies were waiting for us! Now that’s a role reversal for ya.


1502075 Feb 13 Barb Marti Larry Dick Marcia Ann Bill Tom CherylAt least once a season, we trek over to Felix’s fish camp for a most excellent lunch. It is always a treat and this year was no exception as it was Ann’s birthday lunch. There was 10 of us and the restaurant set us up in a small room for our ‘party’. We had a wonderful feast and of course, a great time.

It’s Mardis Gras time here again and Tom & Cheryl 1502112 Feb 14 The Chick Bushave not been to a parade so we took them to Point Clear for the Mullet Mardis Gras parade – a smallish family style to break them in gently. Maybe next year we’ll do a bigger night parade to give them the complete experience!

1502104 Feb 14 Throw Us Some Beads

1502117 Feb 15 Parking At Ho Hum CampgroundThe next day, the three of us – Bill & Ann, Tom & Cheryl 1502119 Feb 15 Terry Standing On The Beachand Barb & I – hooked up our rigs and head off for a little sight seeing/get-away to Ho Hum campground in Carrabelle Florida. The original thought was to take our kayaks and spend a lot of time on the water as the campground is right on the coast and easy in and out. As we got closer to our getaway, the weather did not co-operate again and we decided to leave the boats here and instead, picked up more beverages! We arrived in time to set up, have happy hour and then out for dinner – remember, we don’t cook on travel days. After dinner, we were back to our place for night caps.

1502121 Feb 15 Oyster Shells On Rock1502123 Feb 15 Cheryl Tom Terry At Their Rig1502124 Feb 15 Sunset On The Beach 1







1502132 Feb 16 Us Dressed Up For Cheryls BirthdayMonday was Cheryl’s birthday and we tried hard to give 1502151 Feb 16 Bald Eagle On A Limbher the best celebration – happy hour at 10 then off to lunch! A great start for her day. After we got back, Barb & I went out for fuel and happened on a Bald Eagle on our way back. We pulled over and even though we were a few yards away, Barb managed to get a few pictures. Then we all converged on Tom & Cheryl’s for more happy hour festivities!

1502160 Feb 17 Lighthouse On St George IslandTuesday was a trip to St George Island, a little walk around on the beach and lighthouse but it was cold and threatening rain. After this, we’re off to Apalachicola, FL to wander the downtown (read shops) 1502177 Feb 17 Our Tableand lunch. We end up at Caroline’s on the river for lunch. Unfortunately, is was too cold to sit out on the deck to watch the world go by but the food and service was great anyway – not to mention the company! After we get back to Ho Hum, Barb & I drive further down the coast ( the others have been here before but we’re newbie’s and wanted to see more) to Alligator Harbor Aquatic Preserve. Here the government leases 10 acre sites to shell fish farms. Rather interesting and we caught a couple of good pictures of a Blue Heron that was standing nearby. We travelled further than we expected and were a little late for happy hour – now that’s not legal!

The next day we head back to the Plantation and brings us to February 19th and a good place to stop for now. Hope all is good where you are and come back again mainly if you are snowed inside. . . . .

1502182 Feb 17 Blue Heron At Edge Of Water