Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

We arrived at the State Park to see Patti standing the in the middle of the road waving to us like a mad woman! It was a great reception! The check in was pretty simple as Sean and Patti had put our name on the site right next to them – of course I gave Sean a hard time about that and suggested he should have put us on a site at the other end of the camp ground ;)

It's been a wonderful time here with Sean & Patti. It was good to kick back and hear stories and travels of each others adventures. The last time we met up with them was at the Escapee Gillette Wyoming Escapade in 2008. We had lots to talk about and there was not a dull moment. We parted on Thursday, looking forward to the next time we are in close proximity to meet up again.

The weather did not cooperate with us during our stay parked by the seashore! Winds and waves made it difficult to get out in the boat but we dared it on Wednesday for a short tour up and down the shore. The temps were good though and it has been great to be able to look out the window at the Copano Bay, watch the gulls, pelicans and other fishermen. The other neighbor caught a sting ray but not sure they ate it. Apparently, there is a portion of the 'wing' that is quite delicious when cut out of the ray – I won't be trying it real soon!

Before we left on Thursday morning, we managed to take time to get a few casts in but the water was real murky due to the wave action and extremely windy for casting but we did it anyway! No fish action but at least we got the lines wet!

Our drive up to Chanute Kansas was pretty quiet until we got to Austin Tx. It's the first major city that has traffic lights on the bypass route – kinda defeats the purpose of a bypass isn't it! The traffic was horrendous on the bypass and north of Austin to Georgetown which was our first night at a WalMart. Unfortunately, I had to set up the TV dish in the rain – not fun! Our next night was in Guthrie Oklahoma. Moocho construction to improve the highways through this state – and they desperately need it! Again, setting up in the rain! Saturday was a beautiful day of sunshine into Kansas and we arrived in Chanute around lunch time and set up was not in the rain – yaaaah!

Lots of other NuWa units in the park here – some going in for service and some going on the plant tour and some just passing through. Great city park, first 48 hours free and then $10 per night after that for electricity and water hook ups. The dump station is on the way out. Can't beat it!

Long time Rving friends John & Kay arrived on Tuesday – again lots to talk about and listening to each others adventures. After a full day of chatting, no one wanted to cook and being LEOs (Let Eat Out) we went looking for a restaurant! Not many here in Chanute but we found the Main Street Family restaurant (a smoke free restaurant) downtown and had a great dinner.

Wednesday we took our home in for service along with two other units that were parked on either side of us, for our 7AM appointment – yes, 7AM! We were back at the park by lunch and the bill was less than estimate – even with additional work done! Again, we are pleased with the service of NuWa. The rest of our week is just sitting anticipating our trip north to Ontario. We plan to be in Ingersol by May 3 and this will be our last blog update until we get set up there.

Until then, be well and safe....

Well, as always, when we stay for long periods, sometimes we are not happy to be leaving, like this Monday. This week has us doing a lot of clean up of crafts and outside chores to get us ready to start our journey north. Barb finished off her sewing, beading and pine needle weaving projects and put all her stuff away. So this is what our livingroom is suppose to look like, not a craft centre. I continued with the washing and waxing of the rig so it will travel smoother through the wind! We still managed time for our 2 miles walks and a boat rides. The pelicans were very busy catching dinner and gliding inches above the water as they fish!

Thursday, we took the day off from the 'put away' chores and traveled down the coast to the National Seashore on Padre Island. Lots of sand and thundering waves as they crashed on the shore. The Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle comes to shore on Padre Island to lay their eggs and we were about a week too early! The park had volunteers riding up and down the beach in ATVs on turtle watch. Be sure to read the links on the Nation Seashore for more information, it is quite interesting. Except for the wildlife, there's not too much difference between here and the Outer Banks in North Carolina – lots of sand and sea!

Back to the routine on Friday but during our errands, we found out about the Sandfest celebrations happening in Port Aransas so we had to go there on Saturday! We waited for the ferry for almost 90 minutes and were 2 miles back from the ferry docks! The next challenge on the island was to find a parking spot! It took us an hour to drive through the beach area where Sandfest was occurring and we found a spot that was about ¾ mile away! Cars, trucks and trailers were double and triple parked on the beach, people and kids everywhere! This goes against our personal rules regarding crowds but hey, it's an opportunity we're not likely to see again. There were several sand sculptures and some were really good. It was interesting to see how the craftsmen and women worked with the sand to form their sculpture – lots of pails and paint brushes and I'm sure patience! At every sculpture, someone was walking around with a spray bottle or lawn fertilizer sprayer soaking the sand so it would hold. All in all, it was a neat experience.

Today (Sunday) is put stuff away day – pack up the boat, the lawn chairs, outdoor carpet, solar lights and grill. One last bike ride over to Rockport Beach and we're ready to head out Monday morning. Our next destination is just up the road to Goose Island State Park. We're parking right on Copano Bay, 20 feet away from the shore! Here is a map and we will be in one of the Bay Front sites. Barb is itchin' to put on her hip waders and get her fish'n line wet!

Hope all is good out there, we'll be back north soon.....
Hello again and we hope y'all had a happy Easter. March went out like a lamb here and Aprils fools day did not go by unnoticed! Barb loves to try to play an April Fool on me and she exclaimed that there was a flat tire on the truck! Of course, I was expecting something since she hasn't missed a year yet, so I didn't believe her! The stories on Barb's April fools day tricks is for another time and after a couple of 'pops'!

Well, we finally finished the varnishing and both the stool tops and the table look great. Being a weekend, we did not go kayaking – we leave the bay for the working plebes so they can buzz around in their jet skis and speedboats, don't like getting swamped! We also finished caulking the rig and it looks pretty good even if we do say so ourselves! Now to let it cure a couple of days and then wash and wax the beast!

The campground owners, Dawn & David invited us to their family Easter egg hunt on Sunday morning and a BBQ lunch after. The kids are the same here as at home – all excited to get at the hunt but not patient enough to find all the treats. Soon some of the adults – or maybe that was their plan – were out in the yard helping find more hidden gems! The burgers were excellent and the occasion a good time! We have rated this CG a 4 of 5 but sometimes it touches on 4.5! Now if they had a free laundry service and someone to come in and clean the rig – now we're talking a 5!

Monday is a 2 mile walk day then Barb got busy and made 4 new quilted place mats for the table! I started the washing and waxing and got the front and bedroom slide done – yes, washed and waxed! We plan on taking a trip to Padre Island this week so the truck needed a good cleaning too!

Until next time, keep well out there....
Mar 24 – We did our walk today but the weather was threatening but according to the weatherman, rain was not expected until late afternoon. On our way out, the smart one in the group – and you all know who that is – suggested we take our rain ponchos just in case. Boy, was she right on! Half way around our route, the rain came in from the gulf and started to soak us. Thank goodness one of us can see the future!

Barb continues to work on her quilting project, her Shirett rug crocheting, beading and now the graphics on the stools! Every time I feel like getting something started, I sit down until the feeling goes away! It's a good thing one of us is energetic! I finally started re-caulking the seams on the rig. The tough job is the cleaning off of the old caulk and prepping the seam for the new. Once that is done and the tape applied, the actual caulking takes no time at all! I had instruction from a friend/RV tech (that's you Robbie) on how to apply the silicone but I'm not good enough so we use painters tape to help make smooth edges! On Friday, Barb didn't have enough to do so she came out and helped me apply some of the tape.

Saturday was a day off for both of us. We traveled over to Goliad for the 1836 Battle of Coleto Re-enactment during the Texas Revolution against Santa Ana and Mexico. Have I mentioned how flat it is here? Well, let me mention it again – the highest point around here is an overpass!

On our way up highway 77 toward Goliad, we stopped to get a few pictures of another Caracara. We showed them in our Feb 15th posting but did not provide an information link. We saw these on our way to Goliad the last time but didn't stop. They are apparently the raptors of the vulture family. When they approach a carcass, the other vultures leave quickly!

It was an awesome day starting with a tour of the Presidio with the Spanish troups camping out within the walls of the fort and the Texan army camped out in the fields outside the fort. The tents, equipment and the uniforms and dress of all the re-enactors were all authentic to the era. An army of 60 soldiers came down from Alabama to 'play' in the re-enactment. Their 'costumes' were hand made and the reds were dyed from the redness of the Tennessee River. We took our picnic lunch and sat alongside the battle field and watched exchanges of muscat fire, cannons and sword fighting. It sure was worth the one hour drive.

On Sunday we continued with our projects of caulking and quilting and spent a quiet day. We took our 2 mile (3.2Kms) walk on Monday then decided it was time to refinish the dining table since I had to varnish the new stool tops! So out doors with the table and get the portable sander primed up and scratch off the old finish - which was not too difficult as the table top finish was in bad shape anyway! We're utilizing this great weather and able to put two coats of varnish on each day and we're almost finished the trailer caulking. In all this, we even got another boat ride in through the canals of Key Allegro.

I hope you noticed that some text is highlighted as it is a click-able link for more information on that topic. Your comments are welcome too.

Hope all is well with you out there....