Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Tour'n About

Thursday, May 19th, Barb & I pick the best day of the week and took a driving tour into Niagara Falls. We take the parkway drive along the river from Ft Erie and the views and scenery were not disappointing! As we arrive at the Falls, it is quite busy considering the earliness of the season and the recent weather. We carry on down to the Whirlpool and stretch our legs and have a look see. It’s also busy here but with patience, we can get to the rail to view down into the gorge!

On our route back, we divert into Welland to nose around and we managed to get more pictures of local murals depicting their history. It was strange driving under the Welland Canal. On our way out, we went under it again but with a freighter passing by at the same time – now that felt strange!

Friday, May 20th, this is Victoria Day long weekend here in Ontario and the campgrounds jack up their rates so we decide to head to Terri and Mark’s large driveway in Etobicoke, Ont. We arrive by lunch and fit the rig in the spot with lots of room left for our 3 vehicles. Terri is working from home and Mark left work early and we have a late lunch before they head off to their cabin in western NY for the weekend. We have plans to help them with their gardens but the rains over the weekend keep us inside.

Saturday, May 21st, was a beautiful day. We drove through Toronto, along the waterfront on our way to Corrie’s. There were many Torontonians out and about, enjoying the waterfront by bike, skates, jogging or walking. After a delightful lunch on the deck, Mack and I worked on a small electrical project for Mack’s new bedroom!

Wednesday, May 25th, Barb & I drove out to Freelton to visit with some ole’ RVers that we have known for 10 years. We met them while camping in the Peterborough area during our first year of this adventure. They have bought themselves some sticks and bricks and have their motor home for sale so we wanted to go over for a visit. They are both doing well and Kay is excited about having herself a craft room! They said they actually enjoyed shopping for furnishings etc to fill the house!

Of course, the day wasn’t finished as we headed to Woodbridge to met Terri and visit Sam with her new baby girl.  My, she is so beautiful and so much hair.   Sam also gave us a tour of her new home and we met her mother-in-law. 

Friday, May 27th, this is another moving day today. We leave Terri’s driveway and head up near Meaford to our summer parking spot at Roebuck Campground. The drive up was through some rain, fog and then it cleared as we approached Meaford. There is lots of standing water here, the sites are soaked and the ground is really soft! We try backing into our assigned spot but due to narrow roads, we sink the rear wheel of the truck into the muck and we’re stuck! We have to disengage the truck and trailer and reconnect from a different angle and pull the rig back onto the road. Instead of trying again, we decide to use one of the over night pull thrus. We get in but as we try to back up to attempt to level the rig, I again bury the truck rear wheels! So, we’re here until it dries a little. Before we put the slides out, I washed the mud off the trailer – it’s easier to do with the slides in and they were really caked with muck! After we set up, I washed the truck tires as they were in a worse condition. If you don’t get the mud out when fresh, you won’t get it out at all! It’s been a frustrating arrival but the set up went smoothly and we’re home again!

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  1. again your knowledge at all things just amaze us ..drop, hook, and drive, man what a guy ,,ok glad ur there ,as we talked earlier we will come up there when it dries out for a week or so ,,will let u know the dates ,so you can be there or not hehehehe,ok huggs and i sent u an email as to gilles time ok ttyl