Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

The Aches and Pains Continue

We have had Killdeers running around the cg since we have been here. There was a nest on an adjoining site that had 4 eggs in it. The mom Killdeer seemed to have been sitting on the nest forever. They finally hatched Saturday and when I went over, 3 of the baby birds were nestled down into the grass and the mom was squawking and pretending to be injured to lure us away from the baby’s. I don’t think it was 2 hours later and the 3 baby’s were running around following mom! It is amazing! And they look so cute with their tiny bodies and long legs.

You remember I said I’m not a gardener but the laborer – well dig, dig, dig and we’re still not finished! We built a wooden planter for the tomato plants from the left over deck boards! We have a ‘skill’ saw powered by battery and it was fine when new but now the battery is suspehttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifct and it just doesn’t do the job anymore. So off to the campground owner to borrow a hand saw again! My shoulders are more than a little sore but before you go and say I’m outta shape, I’m saying I’m outta shape!

The job is done, 2 gardens dug in and the raised tomato garden built and filled with dirt and planted! We checked with the cg owners and they pointed us to some perennials that we could split up for our gardens. After all the digging, back filling and watering, the site is starting to look ‘homey’! After we cleaned up all the scrap wood and cuttings, it was time for a cool one!

Barb & I have decided to ‘give back’ to the Meaford community. There is a 5K walk coming up and we’ve reached out to our family and friends to help support us in our efforts to contribute to the Meaford Hospital. Here is the web site if we missed you on our email and you want to help. We’re taking this serious and are in ‘training’ so we don’t embarrass ourselves. Our normal ‘walks’ are about 2 miles and this one is 3 so we’re confident we can do it!

I had a nice Father’s Day, 2 of our daughters called to wish me well and Terri came up to see us with her husband Mark and her step daughter Alex. They arrived early afternoon and brought dinner and beverages. We tested out our new deck and played Ladder Golf. It was a fun visit.

Barb’s quilting group back at the plantation has received sad news about one of their members. They are building a prayer quilt via long distance and each member has to send a quilt square with their signature and one of the ladies is assembling the finished quilt. Well, with our postal strike, Barb wants to make sure it gets there so we’ll see what happens after our government forces them back to work. We’ll know more by the weekend and we may have to use UPS or Fedex. While we were in Owen Sound to check out these options, we decided to try out their bike trails – recovered rail lines. The trails are ok but there are no places to park to access the trail. After driving around tracing the trail, we finally found a place to pull off the road so we could unload the bikes from the back of the truck and get going! Well, it’s been awhile since we straddled these ole bikes and we cut our tour short! We did manage to get in 5Kms though and as you’ll see by the trail, we had some nice views of the Sound.

Tuesday morning brought us our planned 5K walk to be ready for the big day on July 9. We thought we were walking slower today but actually shaved a minute off our time! Whoopee! When we got back to the rig, we collapsed in the lounge chairs under the awning and let our bodies catch up to our exercise! After, we set about doin our stuff – Barb finished another pine needle basket and then started working on her quilt project, I cut the grass and put a coat of varnish on the chairs. We bought some opaque water based stain for the deck but we can not put it on if it is expected to rain within 72 hours so that will have to wait. That is it for now.

Keep well where ever you are….

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  1. jeez im so tired just reading about you two ,, i have to have a rest ,,ttyl and huggs