Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Who Said we're Not Travelling

Wow, a lot has gone on since our last posting! Barb & I traveled into Owen Sound to look at some garage sales that advertised lawn mowers for sale. The first one started at noon and was easy to find but no lawn mower. The guy selling was about as friendly as a fire ant hill! After browsing around his ‘stuff’, all we got from him was a couple of grunts when asked about a lawn mower – that I was sure he had advertised! Anyway, onto the next stop but it didn’t start until 2PM so lets do lunch and some other shopping that we needed. This garage sale was supposed to be multi family so we had high hopes of finding what we needed. Oppss…. We couldn’t find the place. Our GPS took us there but still couldn’t see the sale. The damn GPS was correct, we couldn’t see it as it was down a hill and up a longish driveway and hidden by a hedge row! Anyway, after a few twists and turns, we get back to it and found a weed wacker but no lawn mower. We do have an ace up our sleeve! Mark has offered his push-real type mower for us – now that sounds like way too much exercise for me so we thought we would find a cheap gas mower for the job, but to no avail.

Other great news is that we got word that we have a site at the Plantation in Alabama! After our rejoicing, we needed to get the contracts signed and finish the deal! We had to find a Notary Public to witness our signatures. Often, a bank can do this but they need to know you for more than 6 months. So hey, our son-in-law (Mark again) is a lawyer and Notary so lets go into Toronto and see our daughter and her husband and maybe if we ask nicely, he’ll stamp it for us! So, if we’re planning a 200+Km trip why not go to St Thomas and get our Mexican Train fix with John & Dianne! And if that gets arranged, I might as well get the needed truck service done! Wow, lots of organizing but worth it to get Mark’s signature, visit with John & Dianne who we haven’t seen since October last year and looking after our vehicle!

We had a very nice visit with Terri & Mark. To pay for his signature, I helped Mark change the head lamps on Terri’s VW bug. What a job that was. I think the lamps were the first things down the assembly line and then they built the car around them! In the mean time, Barb, Terri and Alex planted her planters and pots to add the finishing touches to her landscape – nice job ladies! We heard from Alex that they won the senior soccer tournament and are heading to the ‘City’s’ tournament for the finals, yea, way to go Alex. After a shrimp and scallop dinner, we headed off to John & Dianne’s, albeit a bit late. We arrived around 11PM and sat up till near 3AM chatting and catching up!

The next couple of days with them went by in a blink. We played lots of Mexican Train, ate lots and also had a few beverages! Tuesday afternoon came too quickly and we were headed back to our campground.  Must admit this is the best B’n’B we were at this week.  We set the GPS for home, it was easy but seemed to take us a little out of our way by 20-30 minutes but it must have read our minds because we needed to go into Owen Sound’s WalMart anyway so it all worked out!

Wednesday brought a sever thunderstorm through here midday. We only lost power for a short time but other areas around us were hit much worse. The weather seems to be the topic of conversation this summer. The heat broke and we were able to sit out after the storm passed.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring but we hope you are well where ever you are and safe from any bad weather that seems to be all around!

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  1. well thanks for the thanks,soon to be our turn to meet and great the folks up north ,well north of here anyways ,might be a couple of us wanderers up there ,,ray and donna are trying to grab some time also ,soo we might have company also .. ttyl and huggs and so good to read your daily trials ..