Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Bumps in the Road

May 28th, not much to do now, the owner is away for a few days so we take our walks around the campground looking at potential sites that we might like to move to. It’s a slow process coming up with a short list, especially when you don’t really know which sites are available! We’ve got a short list now so we wait until Curly returns!

May 30th, we’re off into Meaford for some grub and stuff. Holy crap! The tire pressure monitor is squawking! It’s telling us we’ve got a flat on the rig – now what! Using my handy dandy tire gauge, the pressure monitor is correct – less than 20 lbs left in the tire! Wiggling the valve stem indicates that it is defective. Is this the icing on the cake of our first seasonal site since 2006?

After all the analyzing, we continued on our way into Meaford. We stopped at a chip truck in the marina for lunch – I know, I’m a big spender! We wandered around the marina and out to the break water. The water up here is beautiful and clear! We watched some boats come and go and eyeballed this BIG yacht moored here. It probably costs my monthly pension cheque just to start it! We collected our grub and headed back to our rig.

June 1st, after removing the flat tire, we make a day outing in Owen Sound. I went to the blood donor clinic, we got the tire repaired – a steel valve stem this time and more groceries – it’s too bad we have to eat, we’d have a lot more disposable income if we didn’t! June is going to be a busy month, we have 3 grand kids graduating from elementary school into high school and 4 grand kids birthdays! After all of today’s excitement, I’m too tired to put the tire back on and I was sure it would wait for me for maƱana!

June 2nd, we’re moving today to our chosen summer site here at Roebuck Campground. As you can see by the photos, we didn’t exactly pick a good pull thru site. The exit leaving the site was on such an extreme slope that we both were nervous about reconnecting and then pulling out! We were both a bit anxious for this day but we thought we had picked the best ‘dry’ site when we came in here a week ago!

Anyway, not having a 4WD truck, I slipped a little backing up the hill to get under the rig to connect and had to try a couple of attempts but got it! Now all connected and slowly pulling forward with only a little slippage in the loose gravel and part way down the hill, the truck tailgate touches the underside of the trailer! STOP Barb yells! Okay, now what? We can’t back it out as planned when we pulled in; the gravel is too loose to allow that. Forward and down is the only way off this site for us! Barb & I discussed a couple of what ifs but decided to try digging the gravel away from under the rear truck tire so it would drop the tire down which we hope will drop the bed of the truck down, away from the trailer. The trailer wheels were still a ways back from the crest of the hill so it shouldn’t move too far. Hey, it worked! Now to watch to see if the front of the truck bed touches the trailer when the trailer starts down the hill and the truck is going up a little as we maneuver onto the access road! Wow, was that close, the back of the trailer just missed hitting the top of the hill! We’re free again and moved to our chosen site. It is level and dry now and a cinch to back onto! We’re all set up but look at the hayfield we have! Our next challenge is to get a lawn mower or should I say a hay combine!

Our neighbor was up cutting her lawn and told us to help ourselves to her push mower if we need/want to cut our lawn – apparently she thought we needed to tidy up our site too! As our neighbor is cutting her yard, she shrieks and stops cutting to find a nest of very small bunnies in her path! Luckily, one of the bunnies moved or she would not have seen them down in the deep grass. They are too cute, the campground owner put a ‘flag’ in the ground to mark their nest so no one else will harm them accidentally.

Back to setting up and getting settled. We’ve found some garage sales for Friday in Owen Sound but that will be another adventure we’ll cover next time. Until then, we hope you are well where ever you are.

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  1. i thought with some of the troubles you have had with flats ,that all the valve stems would have been steel ,,but now is a good time to do it ,will talk about the set up later this week ,, and will c u guys on sunday ...