Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Aches and Pains of a Seasonal Site

As I write this post on Sunday morning, it is 54F (13C) and misty – so we are completing the TV project we started in Dec ’10 when we lost all of our electronics to a power surge. We are sanding, staining and varnishing the ‘wall’ we built to hang the new TV on. This is keeping us busy and inside, away from the nasty weather outside.

On an adjoining site, the neighbor is moving his unit out and wanted to sell his existing deck. Barb & I scoped out a plan for patio slabs and decided to make in offer that would be the same $$ as the patio slabs. Our neighbor was a little reluctant at first but I managed to finagle a deal that suited us both and now we have a ‘new’ deck to move and set up! It’s a little rough around the edges but with some of Barb’s TLC, it will look marvelous and get us up off the ground if our summer is going to be like this!

I apologize to our loyal readers for not posting but this morning (Friday, June 17) we are both very stiff and sore from lugging, digging and building a deck for our summer RV site! I am also busy on the 1st pair of chairs we brought back from Western NY. They needed sanding to remove some of the old finish in the cracks and crevices of the spindles then stained a nice red cherry colour. Barb is busy setting up her sewing centre and started to make some new quilted placemats that a quilting buddy –that’s you Ann - from the plantation shared with her. In all this activity, we are still keeping an eye on the new baby bunnies. They are scampering around here and looking too cute!
After our ‘regular’ activities of the chairs and the sewing, Barb & I set about disassembling board by board, the deck from the other site. The previous owner was going to have his trailer moved by now so we could get the campground’s front end loader in to it, hook up and move it to our sit. But the other trailer hasn’t been moved yet and it is inconvenient to walk over there with our cocktails to sit on our deck – I might spill some and that is not an option! We started this all on Monday and by Wednesday, we were designing as we went and building our ‘new’ 8x18 foot deck. By Thursday evening, we were admiring our workmanship with beverage in hand! And I have the chairs with their first coat of varnish on and Barb is 1/3 complete on her placemats! Whew, we’ve slept well these past few nights! So, now onto some other ‘yard’ work here, flower gardens and something for tomato plants! Stayed tuned for the fun – I’m not a gardener just the laborer!
Hope your well where ever you are and happy Father’s Day to y’all….

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  1. wowo you sure there are only two busy beavers there wow ok good to know you really do the things you tell us you do hehe,,well we will see soon when we get up there soon ok ttyl and big warm huggs.