Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Waiting for Spring

Wouldn’t you know it, the weather is getting better and Barb & I are out of sorts with a cold bug! The beginning of the week we just kinda lazed around trying to find some energy. We forced ourselves to take a walk around the park for 45 minutes each day but we’re both still pretty wiped out. We are being entertained by the water creatures here, lots of geese and their goslings, a Cormorant collecting his meal and listening to the loons. There are 3 beautiful swans here and one is on the nest across the bay although it can only be seen with the binoculars. We’ve also been visited by a pair of blue herons and a white egret – never seen an egret in Ontario!

Barb is starting to feel better and has started another beautiful pine needle basket. I managed to get the rig and truck washed before the rains came. Of course we’re feeling better – not 100% but better and could take the kayak out for a spin but the rain has moved in and looks like it’s gonna be here for the remainder of our stay. Too bad, this is an ideal site for anyone with a kayak or canoe with lots of places to explore.

Thursday, our daughter came over for a visit with her 3 girls. Jessica & Alicia enjoyed the playground and the baby kept us entertained with her goos and gaaas! She s a good baby, no fussing at all during their visit. The weather was great and we were able to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.

As I write this on Sunday morning, the rain is being driven by a 20 mph NE wind and the rig is rock’n and roll’n! It’s so windy that even the sea gulls are walking! We went up to see our daughter and the family for the afternoon then stopped at a ‘local’ fast food joint for fish and chips for an early dinner and were really sorry we did! It had to be the worst ever!

Well, it’s a travel day and we are on a motor home site – you drive into it and back out. Being a 5th wheel and to unhook, we had to drive the truck out over the lawns of a couple of cabins and turn left along side the equipment barn. To hook up, we had to drive the truck back beside the barn and across the lawns, turn it around and back it under the rig! With all this rain, we were anxious about the wet grass and soggy conditions. It worked great, no slipping or sliding and we did not get stuck in the muck, we backed out and were on our way again! We had a 300+ Km trip ahead of us so we were on the road by 10:30. The 401, 403 and the QEW were accident free and not too crowded. The rain was with us all the way. When we got to the Niagara area, water was laying in the fields. Wow, it has not been a great spring so far!

We’re all set up again and thankfully, this CG has gravel sites. Unfortunately, the muck is all around and we have to step carefully to avoid bringing it into the rig. We back onto a large quarry pond but it is too cold to enjoy except to look at through the back window!

Tuesday, we got a call with bad news. Our planned summer parking campground near Waterdown is under water and can not complete the new seasonal sites any time soon. Apparently, they had a bull dozer get stuck yesterday so we have to find somewhere else for the summer – crap! Being under the gun, we made a decision to take a seasonal site near Meaford, Ont. We spent a month there last year and enjoyed it and did not get to see and do all in the area so we say why not! The down side is it is a bit further away from Toronto than we wanted to be. This leaves us without a site for the Victoria Day long weekend and no time to make arrangements. Luckily, our daughter in Toronto has a driveway large enough that we can pull in there for a few days. I also have a doctor’s appointment May 26th so staying here will save that drive back and forth! So, it all works out!

Hope you are well where ever you are and ready for summer.


  1. hello how are you guys,is split rail the camp ground or are you going to the city camping in meaford ..we would like to come up and camp and see you guys ..ttyl and huggs

  2. We're going to Roebuck just north of Meaford. It would be great to CU guys again. Getting the shakes from no Mex Train!