Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

We’re Always to Blame

The weather has not been the best here and the local folks are blaming the Canadians – that’s Barb & I – for the not so friendly, below normal temperatures here! We were in Dothan on Monday night to look at TVs, nukes and to get propane at the Flying J but they didn’t have anyone in to dispense propane until Tuesday!

One of our first tasks as a work camper is to take the tree down that is behind the rig and is starting to grow into the electrical wires feeding the pedestal. They were not interfering as of yet but in time, they would! It took us most of the day to cut down and clean up and dispose of the brush and wood. There was one time that we thought the smaller tree was going to brush the rig but we managed to push it to the side! Like I said, it was a small tree!

The next day was too cold to be out so Barb did more work on her video DVDs and I scanned more of our old photo albums. Sure brings lots of memories back when doing this!

On Thursday, it was warmer and good for us to do more work camping! Unfortunately, there isn’t much for us to do. The course is not getting a lot of play and not many divots to fill. Barb & I decide to do something about the shabby bird houses that previous work campers erected prior to 2008. The superintendent suggested we just take them down and discard them! After checking them out, some will be put in the dumpster but many just need a coat of paint and put back up! Now we have something that enhances the natural aspect of the course.

Friday is great weather for a game! After, we headed to ACE Hardware in Abbeville, Alabama for propane! Ouch, I didn’t ask how much, just assumed that the J was $2.89 gal that even if ACE was $5 more for the tank, it was worth not having to drive all the way to Dothan! BUT, it was more than just a few bucks! A 30lb tank cost us $35.00!!! The J would have been $21.00! Another lesson learned!

On Saturday, we played again and Barb shot her best round in a long time! An 89, GREAT game Barb!

Until next time, be well and if you’re on the road, be safe.


  1. Funny how Americans seem to blame Canada for the bad weather, but the only thing we contribute is the cold air. All the moisture (ie Snow!) comes from the gulf or the Great Lakes. Some of our worst storms come right up the Ohio River Valley. Strange too how most of the National US weather maps end at the boarder.
    OH well. Keep on keeping on.

  2. yuk on the propane ,middle sackville up from halifax,two thirty pounders was 87.dollars at irvine ouch is right ,oh well much needed exspense.good to see you can at least play ur best game ,,most yanks dont even know where canada is ,strange they still blame us for the weather hehe
    ok keep it long and straight ,and i mean the golf shots ..huggs

  3. It's nice to see your comments, thanks. A few readers comment via email too.