Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

All Work and No Play Makes…. Oh hell, we’re playing!

Now that the “Canadian cold” temps have passed, we are able to better enjoy the re-building and painting of the bird houses – oh and of course, play more golf! I can’t believe how quiet the course has been! We came back off the course one day and we found many prospective home owners checking out the new digs! Many birds were flitting around the newly painted residences and of course, leaving their marks!

Our insurance company has deemed that the power issue is not covered and so we are on our on hook for the costs – that sucks! I really thought we had full coverage insurance. When our rear wheel left us – didn’t Kenny Rogers have a song title like that – You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Loose Wheel! Anyway, when we lost our rear wheel in the interior of BC in 2007, they were wonderful and took complete care of us! If only I had been out flying a kite when this problem occurred and had a lightening strike! So now we focus on the power company with hopes that their insurance company has more pity. At first contact, they seem quite amicable and will be processing our claims.

Not too much to report now that the dust is settling on our power problems. We found a terrific pine tree for Barb to collect more of the extra long pine needles for her pine needle basket craft. We are ramping up for our Christmas, just the 2 of us for dinner with all the trimmings and cocktails – lots of rum and eggnog! We will be leaving the door unlocked so Santa can leave his loot for us. We sent him our GPS co-ordinates so he doesn’t miss us when he zips past!

One of the tree houses is mounted on a long pole between the 13th and 18th fairways in the nature area. We had to remove the anchor bolt and lower the house for painting and a few much needed nails. That’s what we define as a house call! The other bird houses were repaired and painted on a table near the rig. We will have them re-installed soon after Christmas, in time for their New Years Eve gatherings!

We hope y’all had a Merry Christmas and we wish you a Happy New Year throughout 2011! Stay well and drive safe.

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  1. well good for the warm weather ,for the golf ,the painting,the easy life style,crap,crap,crap on the insurance claims and fingers crossed on the power company,ok do you have any bat boxes there,,for the bugs that bother you when trying to have adult beverages..onward towards the last of your stay there and then to fla for the warmer???weather???good traveling and hope you keep up on the blog..oh did you get the joe peterson thingy from escapees ok huggs and ttyl..