Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Honorary Georgians

In the morning, we continue along GA 53 enroute to Jasper to meet Jim & Lydia at the Home Depot for escort to their community of Bent Tree. Yes, it is a small mountain town. We were to call Jim when we got to Home Depot and he would drive the 9 miles to meet us and guide us back to where we’ll store the trailer. Well, I called him and he said hang on, he had to exit the store for better cell reception. Once outside, he said “Hey, I see you”! Wait a few minutes and I’ll be right there – they were at the grocery store next door!

After a happy and warm reception, we follow them back to their community at Bent Tree and stored the rig at the base of their mountain! We loaded up their car with our luggage and headed off to their Villa! We had a great time sitting and chatting and catching up with each other since we last saw them last December. We did see them at the rally in Goshen in Sept but not like this. It was great! Jim does stained glass artistry and he made us a little gift of the Canadian flag – that was very nice!

Thursday, we were invited to join Jim & Lydia at their daughter’s home for a Georgian family Thanksgiving. As we arrived at David and Melanie’s, we were greeted with open arms and warm welcomes from all. It made us feel great. David was cooking 2 turkeys, one in the oven rotisserie and one on the ‘Green Egg’ grill  and in case anyone was hungry, he had a turkey breast roast in another oven! Oh, and did I mention that football was on every TV? They were burglarized just weeks before Thankgiving so he had to re-new his entertainment systems before Thursday.

I’m sure you can tell from above that they have an enormous kitchen. You could have 20 people in it preparing and cooking with room to spare! We had a terrific time meeting all the family and kids. Before dinner was called, we gathered in the great room/kitchen for a surprise Proclamation, read by Jim and applauded by all! We were presented with the state of Georgia flag and as honoree Georgians, were invited to sit with them for dinner – what fun, it blew Barb & I away!

Dinner was superb! Just like at home, the adults seated at one table and the kids were at another. The noise level was an indication that everyone was having a good time – even with strangers in their midst and I’m sure some of you will agree that we are stranger than most! Soon everyone was drifting to the couches and arm chairs, fully satisfied from dinner and ready for football or a snooze! Maggie, David’s mom, gave a wonderful hanging which she had personalized for each person and Melanie presented everyone with a tree ornament, including us. How thrilling and how a part of the day we felt, we appreciated the opportunity to meet and get to know everyone. 

After a late night home, we sat and chatted some more until the sand man carried us all away.

Hope all is well there…..

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  1. super gifts,, great times and food galore ,,hope you ate slowly ,,didnt want to scare the wee kiddies hehe,,ok time to move to the work space and earn your keep ..ttyl and huggs