Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

The Re-Build

Hello again from the not too warm state of Georgia! We’re not complaining as it could be worse, we could be at home and getting dumped on by snow!

Well, this past week has been full of activities. The temps here are not great for golfing or working outside so Sunday we hung out in the rig, Barb continuing to work on her DVD movie and I scanned more pictures!

On Monday we decided to go shopping for a TV, nuke and a DVD player/recorder. Oh, and get more propane but at the Flying J in Dothan – it was less than $21! After we left the J, we dropped into Camping World and picked up our surge protector! Yes, I stopped procrastinating and bite the bullet – it was cheaper then replacing all the electronic gear again!

Anyway, after lots of web research, the better deals for what we wanted were at Bestbuy! Especially the nuke! Our rig manufacturer said it would be $400+ to replace our nuke with a unit put in new rigs! So, onto Bestbuy!

We walked out of there with a 32” LED/LCD TV, TV mounting stuff and nuke! It took us all day – remember, it is a 75 minute drive one way, but after cajoling the sales guy, we made a deal on all the stuff and came away very happy with our expedition! We’ve shopped at Bestbuy before and have always been pleased with the experience. As for all the old electronic stuff, Bestbuy recycles but it costs us $10 per item – we had 5 pieces but they give you a gift $10 card for each item. Not a bad ‘green’ marketing tool!

After stopping at Lowes for some plywood to make a TV stand – yes, they come with a stand but not robust enough for travel - and then Sonics for a bite, it was after 7PM by the time we got back. We quickly set up the TV and were able to sit and watch some of our favorite shows again. Life is slowly getting back to normal!

The only place we could find a DVD recorder was – wait for it – WalMart’s online store! That’s correct! WalMart! So we ordered it last week and used their ‘Site to Store’ service. We received text messages at each stage of the order. We’re impressed!

Tuesday, we planned and built a cabinet for the new TV. The opening is only 30” and the TV is 31” wide so we had to be sure it could be maneuvered in and out easily for travel and that is would be secure enough so it wouldn’t be damaged as we rumbled along our way. This took us most of the day. As we were finishing up, we get a text message to say that our DVD recorder was ready for pick up! Everything is coming together! So off to WalMart to pick up our latest acquisition!

The main room of the rig was stacked high with boxes and didn’t leave a lot of room for us. Now that we have the TV and DVD installed, it’s time to tackle the microwave! Everything matched up and the fit was perfect. We only had to re-enforce the floor of the cabinet and we had the nuke installed and ready for dinner! Time for an adult beverage!

The weather is warming and we can get more done on the bird houses – scrapping and re-building a couple and a few went to the trash bin. We played golf and yes, Barb beat me again! My game is in the hopper so I need to play more! Right?

That was our week in review! Hope yours went well too. Come back again soon. Be well and drive safe.


  1. kewl glad you are the jewish camper of the family ,,get all the deals you can ,,nice looking tv.gonna have to go to the h.d. side now ,,its really a different show in h.d.,,ok glad to hear and see that you are moving into the next century happy ,,merry christmas and will talk to you guys before the new year huggs ,oh and thanks for the updates on joe and buds dad..

  2. hoping all had a great christmas and will have a happy new year ttyl and huggs .....