Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

A Weekend in the Georgia Mountains

Friday morning, besides being Black Friday here in the USA also brought us cooler weather here in the Georgia mountains. Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days for US consumers! We tried to stay away from shops but lost that battle!

The 4 of us drove over to Amicalola Falls State Park which is only 15 or so miles as the crow flies but for us, it was close to an hours drive. The twists and turns and up and downs proved very scenic and at this time of the year, the views are more prominent with no leaves on the trees! We arrived at the base of the falls and took time for some photo ops and a little walk about. It was too cool to get too serious about hiking anywhere. Next, we drove to the top – there is a hiking trail up but the sign said ‘Old Canadians’ not allowed! Why aren’t the views of a falls as good from the top? Anyway, next we drove through the campground which was nearly full – I can not imagine pulling our rig up here let alone getting it down. It would be exciting!

From here we wound our way around to the Frogtown Winery for some taste testing! Remember, it is Black Friday and many people must have our idea – too many at the bar for tasting so we found a table and had lunch! The crowd cleared enough for us to squeeze in and had a blast tasting and kibitzing with each other and the bar maid!

Time to move on and now this is where sneaky people insert a little shopping! We arrived at Dahlonega, the site of the first US gold rush in 1828. I’m sure we went there for the historical value and the shops just got in our way! All kidding aside, it is a cutsie little town that surrounds the courthouse square with boutiques and restaurants. All the tress around the square are full of thousands of mini lights. Tis the season here! This is the times when we miss being home at Christmas, shopping and enjoying the festive air! I’m sure I’ll get over it when we step outside to tee it up in the mid 60’sF. It was fun anyway and we even contributed to the town’s economy!
It was nearing dark and that makes it a little more exciting to drive these mountain roads! Back to the villa as happy hour approaches and more time for some Mexican Train! A great day outing was had by all except for Sassy, Lydia’s dog was under the weather when we returned – she must have missed us or is giving us the cold shoulder for leaving her behind! Sassy loves to fetch. She has a stuffed squirrel, stuffed bear and a couple of balls. She will play with anyone that takes the time to throw her toy. When she’s tired, she’ll take a break but no break for you! She’s cute but like any other dog, they eat and then they poop and someone has to pick that up!

On Saturday, we were to play golf but the cold air was buffeted with some wind and made it even cooler so onto plan B. We started out to visit the Kennesaw Museum but made a stop for fabrics. Jim & I went into Golf Smith, wandered aimlessly and stepped into the practice area to hit some of the new demo clubs available to us. You name it, we hit it! After we loosened up, we met up with the ladies and stopped in for lunch and topped up our fluid levels! Unfortunately, it got to late for the museum so back to the Villa for more Train! The Museum will have to wait for another trip. We sure had another great day, with our friends, enjoying their Georgia area.

Ok, so Sunday is our fall back plan for golf! Wouldn’t you know it, colder today with even more breeze! Our alternative is to go to the club house for brunch! If you can’t golf, let’s eat! After gorging ourselves, Jim & I dropped Barb & Lydia off at the Villa while we ran some errands in town. We came back to watch our video of our Alaska trip in 2009 then onto some serious Mexican Train. We took it easy the rest of the day as we planned to leave Monday AM – truth be known, the cold chased us out!

We had a wonderful time visiting with Jim & Lydia, meeting their family and sharing in their Thanksgiving. It’s a good thing they don’t have full hook ups or they might have trouble getting rid of us!

We hope all is well wherever you are and you are enjoying this festive holiday season.


  1. we should have a train tourney some place where all groups could select their teams and play all day..wow wonder if all could sit for 15 hours or so and keep therecool hehe..ok another good blog ..ttyl and h

  2. Good to hear things are going well. As I watched the snow blowing across the lake this AM I kind of wished we had already gone south. (yes the lake does seem to be frozen. At least the geese are gone) We will be on the move in about three weeks depending on the weather.
    See ya down the road.

  3. crap ,no more space for the snow ,so its time for the rain,maybe ice ,you left at the right time ,,ok huggs and ttyl..,its too cold for rain ,

  4. i heard and saw the freezin in fla ,,hope its not toooooo cold in geo..havefun and hit long and strait ..