Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Getting Back to Normal as Normal is

In my previous post, I forgot to mention a very important task that Barb & I did before we connected the ‘new, stable’ electricity to the rig. We did check all of the house wiring, shore power cord and the breaker panel and all tested fine! That is really good news, no shorts or crosses in the wiring or the panel saves a lot of expense and time, not to mention the peace of mind – which was in question over the last few days!

So, now we know what’s broke and what’s not broke! We contacted our insurance company to see if there would be any help there. Apparently if I had been outside flying a kite while it was lightening and it struck the electric lines coming in, we would be covered no questions asked! But as for a loose connection on those same lines, they’re not so sure! We have to wait for an appraiser to come around and have a looky loo and probably take some pictures and file a report with our insurance company back in Ontario! We are in the boondocks here so the earliest he can be here is Friday! Hummmmm, he was in Atlanta when I called him for the appointment – quite the territory he has!

The converter is still not charging the batteries! The batteries are still only reading 12.1 volts but the output of the converter reads 13.6 volts. A quick call to the manufacturer and they explain that with no load (no batteries attached) on the output, it should read 13.6 volts! Hummmm….. all the cables are secure. Maybe it’s a corroded connection that makes the converter ‘think’ there are no batteries connected. I pull the battery door out and start removing the cables when I notice a large black connecting block on the side wall of the battery cabinet. Hummmm…. Maybe it’s a loose connection there – but wait, there is a little handle thingy sticking out. It seems to be able to be pushed back down and it clicks into place – wow, how lucky, it is a breaker not a large fuse! I quickly tightened the cables back onto the 1st battery and check the battery voltage again and voila, they are now reading 13.4 volts! All is good now with the batteries, they are charging correctly now. I will leave them on charge for a few days and test them to see if we sustained any permanent damage by letting them run so low for so long!

Another busy day with not much to show for all the brain cells that have been used! Barb on the other hand has been busy being creative on her movie DVDs from earlier this year. It’s a good thing none of our computer stuff was plugged in at the time or we would be much worse off!

On Thursday, we walked up to the club house to collect our golf cart so we could play tomorrow but the pro was out and we need his nod to pick the cart and go so we’ll wait for Friday. It was a nice day for a walk anyway, probably a mile round trip for us. Not much has changed on the course since the last time we were here.

Well, today the appraiser meets with us to view the stuff and give him a chance to make an assessment. He arrives at the appointed time and is gone within 20 minutes. He took pictures of the junk equipment, pictures of the rig and a couple of shots of the electric wires coming in from the transformer. He said he will get some prices for equipment replacement and file his report possibly tomorrow or Monday. Not sure how he makes his assessment as he didn’t try to turn anything on.

There’s not much else we can do for now so, it’s 73F so we head out with our cart and played 9 nine holes. It’s great to be out again! No one around so it’s like we are on our own golf course!

We played a full 18 on Saturday. The course is still in great shape, there is still some green in the fairways and the greens and tees have been over seeded. We played only 3 holes on Sunday, it was too cold! Back to the rig and did more research on TVs, HD satellite and try to source a DVD recorder. They are hard to find in the retail stores or online.

There’s not much else to mention, golf, work and get our electronic stuff straightened out. Hope all is well where ever you are.


  1. well, i wish all the problems you have are no worse than this...get the stuff you want and dont skimp on the cost ,,you can afford the difference and later you will say ,,wow glad we did it then ,,its easy to say that sitting here ,,hehe ,,but go for the gold ring ,,yeehaw,,ok ttyl and hit them straight and long ,,ooppss it terry haw haw ,,huggs

  2. i can not believe there isnt any comments from others as to your adventures ,i find it very interesting that as you go along your golden path and have all these mishaps ,,nobody reminds you(us) of our ages having any thing to do with your (our) problems hehe..ok just needed to affirm our(your)status..luv huggs ttyl