Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Beach Bums

This weekend we just hung out here at the campground, nothing too exciting except happy hour each day. Gotta have a little libation to celebrate with.

Sunday night we were standing outside looking up to watch the International Space Station (ISS) fly overhead. Pat clued us in earlier in the day that it would be passing overhead. It was pretty neat as our first time seeing it! Click here for more information. You can see a schedule for your location by clicking here.

The 4 of us wandered down to Mustang Island to play beach bums. We took the ferry across to Port Aransas and drove onto the beach. You can see for miles, lots of RVs parked to enjoy the sea air, people walking along the waters edge and lots of folk fishing both in the surf and on the breakwater. We walked along the beach ourselves, looking at the various critters that were washed ashore. Pat suggests that he would go back and move the truck forward. We thought that was a great idea except every time we would turn toward the truck, he would move it further away – I think he was ensuring we got our exercise!

There were lots of water fowl to entertain us – Pelicans, Cormorants, Loons and the Black Skimmers up close and personal! It's neat to watch a loon dive for food then when it surfaces, it flips the fish around so it can swallow it head first!

We decided to follow a recommendation and eat dinner at Jay's restaurant for the best seafood meal on the island! It was delicious – we all had a different entree and left very happy! It was a quiet ride back to the campground!

Thanks for stopping by and we hope all is well wherever you are.....


  1. well sounds and looks as if you are enjoying the place ur at ..gr8 that the weather has turned so nice ,,have to switch places with the truck driver so that he gets his exercise also ..hehe..ok hugs and keep us informed ttyl dianne and john

  2. Just the smell of the ocean must have been nice.