Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Oppsss, I'm a little late with this issue. We have been a little busy, finding the shops, site seeing and of course, the chores!

As I stated earlier, we got lots of rain on Thursday/Friday. This picture out the side window shows our group antenna field which was high and dry before the rains came! We also finished setting up our site after Dave brought in and laid the patio tile for us.

I borrowed a battery charger from Dave (the park owner) so I could put a full charge on the suspected bad battery. As it turned out, the cables were corroded enough to reduce the charge to the 3rd and 4th batteries in the bank. The battery that I suspected was bad tested fine after I used the battery charger overnight. I cleaned all the cable connections and reconnected the 'bad' battery, sprayed the terminals with a corrosion inhibitor. Now we'll have to wait and see what happens the next time we trundle down the road to a WalMart!

We decided that with so much possible to do here, we better set up an activity calendar so we can get most of what we want to do done! I'm sure this is not a surprise for most of you! Anyway, we had to wash the rig Monday so Barb didn't get to her first activity – quilting. So Tuesday, we started fresh with a GIMP lesson (I read the manual and Barb follows along in the software) and then in the PM, we toured the Fulton Mansion. Wow. Built in the 1870's, the first house to have running hot and cold water and central heating! It was the only house still standing in Rockport after the 1919 hurricane! See the web site (click here) for more information.

Hope all is well where you are....

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  1. ok not sure what a gimp is ..walking poorly ????,,humn ,,nice to hear and see u write a post ,,thought you passed hehe,,glad u got over some of the bad weather ,,hope the sun warms the cockles of ur hearts and makes the days go right for the both of youse....spell check not included hehe,,ok hugs and keep up the running commentarys ..