Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Wednesday, Pat, Carolyn, Barb & I went down to the Rockport harbor for a walk around. Not too much going on, the shrimp shacks are closed and all was quiet. We walked out on the breakwater and saw a pod of dolphins, loons and cormorants. On the way out, a fisherman pulled in a spotted ocean trout but alas, it was a ½ inch too short and had to go back.
On our way back, we pulled over beside a bird sanctuary and saw a few cormorants (see the picture), white and brown pelicans and the beautiful blue herons.

When we got back, I pulled out the flags and other patio stuff and found them soaking wet! So much for no problems! Everything out the basement to see what is going on and of course I immediately go to the dark side and start calculating the amount of work and the cost to replace a couple of brass 90 degree joints that go up into the bathroom vanity! I check the inside of the vanity but do not see any water so I'm sure the worst is upon us. Thank heavens, Barb is on the ball. After she briefly felt around the inside of the vanity, she suggested that I take another look – especially follow the pex pipe up to the sink. Holy crap, I missed that and feel water on both pipes! You just can't get reliable help any more! After we put the new floor in the bathroom, the guy (me) did not tightened the fittings enough when he put it all back together! Now I have to clean up his mess and do it right!

Now it is time for dinner! We take the meal out of the freezer to find that the freezer is not freezing! What now? We just had the refer repaired in Sept, don't tell me it's broke again! Picture the panic here, freezer full of food and not working – all other propane appliances are working fine! Try switching it to electric and the heater seems to be working now. Switch back to propane and again the check light is back on! Waited for a bit and tried switching again to propane and all is good now! What a crazy day! A lot of stress for nothing!

We're in for a storm over the next 24 hours. The weather service is forecasting 4-6 inches of rain fall on already saturated grounds! When we woke on Friday, there is lots of water all around us but no damage anywhere here. We decided this is a good day for the show. Went to see It's Complicated for $4.00 each! It was a good show – funny, good entertainment.

Until next time, hope all is well where you are.

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  1. check double check ,,, humm hope the hourly rate for the male help is not tooooooooo much ..anyways ,,hopefully its fixed right the second time hehe... ok ttyl hugs and stay dry ,,you got a lot to get wettttttttttt ,,terry that is ,,not u hun..