Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures
Well, our campground conundrum has been solved! Pat recommends Angler's RV Retreat in Rockport – not far from where we were going – and is not as expensive as the others. They only have 2 sites left so we broke our rule of not making reservations and made one!

Saturday, we needed propane so the 4 of us went into The Catfish King for lunch. We went there in '07 with Sean & Patti and it was great! This time, something was missing or is it that our expectations were set higher , before we didn't have any! Oh well, the catfish was still good albeit they were small portions! After lunch we went our separate ways for shopping etc. It was recommended that we use Livingston Propane as it is less expensive than other retailers around and since we were out that way anyway, it wouldn't be that much further to drive. Wrong! What we would have saved on propane would have cost us in diesel but wouldn't you guess, the place is closed on Saturdays! Now it really cost more!

Sunday was still cool but above freezing! The outdoor duties of dumping waste tanks and adding fresh water were done more comfortably. Barb continued on her top secret project and I added records to a new database.

Our trip to Rockport was uneventful mechanical wise – thank goodness! Traffic down was not too bad except for around Huston. Like home, construction is the main cause. Navigating the bypass route 610 and I10 was tricky! We had to cross several lanes where the 2 routes come together to stay on 610 or we were going downtown Huston! Who'd have thought that we would have had the A/C on in the truck on the way down! We were also surprised at the number of businesses that are closed south of Huston!

Arriving at the campground, we were greeted by Pat & Carolyn and the campground dog, Butter! The owners were on an errand and would catch up to us later – which they did. We got set up and Carolyn had dinner ready for us! We sure are spoiled, thanks. What a nice way to finish a day of travel!

Until Saturday, hope all is well where you are.

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  1. r u staying here for some time ????near corpus cristi and the south padre islands???okay good to hear some warmer weather finnally ..ok ttyl and hugs