Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Goose Island Tour

The weekend already, time goes by quickly when your having fun! The weather here has been good, a little foggy in the AM but warm and clearing in the afternoons.

On Wednesday, we did some shopping in downtown Rockport (a 2 block shopping area – just perfect for me) and the girls bought some beading supplies so Barb could coach Carolyn in a beading class in the afternoon. Pat replaced his anode rod on their hot water tank and I watched – that's something I do very well! It was a kick back afternoon, some gabbing, some beading mixed in with a little wine and cheese!

Thursday, Barb & I toured Goose Island. Our first stop was the Schoenstatt Shrine in Lamar. It indeed was very tranquil and a beautiful place. Our next stop down the road was the Big Tree. It is pretty impressive although it is not the largest Oak tree we have seen on our travels. It is estimated to be over 1,000 years old! Wow, now that's impressive! Something man has not managed to destroy!

A short drive along the shore brought us to the state park. Only $10 for us to spend a few hours enjoying the nature of the shoreline. The first thing we did was check out the campground on the beach. Looks great, electric and water hook ups and the trailer will back in looking over the water not 20 feet away – thanks heavens for small tides here and not like the Bay of Fundy! We've agreed this will be on our agenda on our way back north! We took a stroll out onto the fishing pier. It extends out 1,621 feet – it was a long stroll to say the least! There were 'sand' bars under and around the pier that were not sand but oyster shells, millions of oyster shells. People fishing from the pier as well as wading in the shallows. We didn't see anyone catch anything but we did see fish swimming by as well as small ones jumping. We tried to capture them with the video camera but as with all nature, they only do it when you're not recording them!

We took our bikes with us in case we went crazy and decide to further enjoy this outdoor adventure. There weren't any 'bike trails' so we toured around the other campground in the wooded area. We stopped off at the boat launch to watch an air boat get underway and saw a Roseate Spoonbill fly into the reeds on shore! Wow, what a beauty!

With weary legs, we climb back in the truck to find lunch! We didn't plan a picnic as we thought we could stop off at a grocery store on Goose Island and pick up supplies to make one on the fly! Well, we find out that the closest food store is back in – yes, your guessed it – Rockport! Before we left, we drove back to the shore to follow a tip a lady on the pier gave us regarding a pair of Whopping Cranes. They were right where she had explained and we sat and watched them. It was spectacular when you consider there are fewer than 250 or so left in the wild! They nest in Alberta in the summer and winter here. Do yourself a favor and google them for more information.

We made it back to our campground in time for happy hour with Pat and Carolyn and to share each others day adventures. We hope you are enjoying yourselves wherever you are!

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