Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Not a lot to report from here. Barb & Carolyn finished their beading project that they started the week before while Pat & I cleaned our trucks!

The four of us biked about 2 miles to the Connie Hagar Wildlife sanctuary in the heart of Rockport. It has a short boardwalk that has story boards explaining the flora in the ponds. The ponds are used by the migrating birds as well as sediment ponds for ground water run off before it reaches the bay. We continued another mile to the 'beach road' to view the many sea birds in the bay and on the piers. We traveled along the beach road and wound our way back to the campground – all in all, about a 7 mile ride – that's 11.2654Kms! Of course, we had to jump in the truck to go get some ice cream to refuel! Pat has a blog that you can read about their travels and adventures at http://obriensontheroad.blogspot.com.

Barb & Carolyn took off by themselves and wandered through a quilt show at the high school. Barb said it was a great display of beautiful quilting projects and has inspired her yet again (as if she needs more inspiration)!

Apparently, this area was in drought conditions for some time but now we're in for a few (4) days of rain showers – so if you need rain, just invite us to stay awhile! Until next time, keep well, where ever you are! I have included some art that Nate sent us – enjoy!

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  1. well you guys look gr8 in nates pic..i could tell right off which one was terry ..hehe,,anyhoo it sounds and looks like ur enjoying the company and yes we dont need no rain ttyl and hugs...