Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Golf - Finally

After spending a terrific week with Ann & Bill in the Finger Lakes District of Western New York, we headed back to our camp site in Canada with a detour to Terri and Mark’s cabin. They arranged with the farmer at the end of their road that we could drop our rig in the barn yard for the weekend. When we arrived, Dan & Diane came out separately to greet us and invite the four of us to their corn roast and bonfire on Saturday. We were soon packed and on our way to the cabin (less than 2 Kms away) to wait for Terri and Mark to arrive. Barb had dinner preparing in the slow cooker and the beer was getting cold.

We had a nice laid back weekend which is different when with Terri & Mark. Usually, there is a project to be done but this time, we wandered through a antique flea market looking for more chairs for me to cane but found nothing that was not over priced. We also stopped at an estate sale. Wow, I can’t believe what we saw. There was plenty of black mold lurking in the corners of this home with lots of water damage in one corner of the house. The carpets were grimy and looked thread bare in places. It is almost a crime what conditions some seniors have to live in!

1207378 July 21 Terri On The Tee 1207379 July 21 Barb On The Tee1207383 July 21 Mark Comes Out Of Sand Great

1207386 July 21 Way Up High 1207372 July 21 What A View

We decided on a round of golf at the course on the ski hill – Holiday Valley. We had a great time regardless of our score. Barb & I have not played since we met Jim & Lydia at Wanne Lake in Georgia in the spring of 2011 (you can catch up on those fun times here)! But, this is where our ‘expectations rule’ comes into play, if you have a lower expectation then you always have a good time! It is a challenging course and playing with Terri & Mark was fun. After, we had dinner in the club house pub – ahhh, more cold beer.

On Sunday, we had coffee and muffins out on the 1207401 July 22 Relaxing Morning Coffee front patio area, the sun was warming and it was great. We had a rousing game of Bocce Ball. We left early in order to get back to our camp site and be set up and ready for friends John & Di and their cronies. All 3 couples are arriving with their rigs on Monday and we are hosting dinner. We had plans to see some sights and do some bike riding but were advised not to plan anything, easy for us.   Anyway, we had an easy border crossing again – it will catch up to us, they can’t all be this easy, it’s their job to make it uneasy. The drive was uneventful thank goodness and we got back home and set up in time to watch the end of The Open. I think every golfer out there felt sadden for Adam Scott. It was really tough luck but Ernie Els is an excellent champion too.

This is a short post to be ready for the ‘gang’ arriving tomorrow. I hope all is good out there where you are.


  1. short and sweet perfect ,,with terri being a big easy fan i must put in here that i am big and easy,not quite the same but will do ..ok ttyl and huggs

  2. It's no surprise that you couldn't get a good shot of me off the tee. I couldn't get a good shot off the tee either ; ) The golf was fun, and it was nice to not have a big chore for your visit. But, like your border crossing, that too will catch up with you ; )