Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Post Canada Day

We got through the Canada Day weekend with only a drop in water pressure and some rowdy noise on Friday night. Due to an accident here a few years ago, they do not host a fireworks celebration so Barb  & I planned to go into the annual rib fest in Waterdown. After we had a nice dinner, I whimped out and suggested we didn’t go into the crowds and just hang out here. I know, I’m showing my age again but as Barb said, “it’s not as if we haven’t seen any fireworks during our travels”, so with a pout she let me off the hook, again!

It is always some what entertaining to watch the ‘weekenders’ pack up after spreading out on their sites. It’s amazing how much ‘stuff’ they pack for a weekend!Terry Setting The Atmosphere

Barb's Christmas Meal that she Wrapped It is difficult to give each other meaningful gifts  and Barb suggested we give each other a meal cooked by the other – so, I made a menu and provided the ingredients list and Barb did the same for me. Well, I’m sure you can imagine how simple mine was that Barb had to shop and cook up. I didn’t think of a theme, type of beverage or suggest an ambience. Barb cooked mine up (beef stroganoff) a few weeks ago and it was very nice.

Barb’s was much better with a theme (picnic onBarb Says Cheers Merry Christmas the beach), typed out menu and cooking instructions, complete with pictures and even a beverage recipe with appropriate glasses. She also included a jar of sand in case we didn’t get to a beach and candles. Well, Happy 4th July My American Friends Wednesday was the day I chose to prepare everything and take Barb to ‘the beach’ for a picnic. It was hot so sitting at a picnic table beside the lake was a welcome respite. We planned to get the boat wet and kayak around the lake after we had our Christmas lunch. We started off with her choice of beverage – Chocolate Covered Cherry and then served lunch. Well, the Chocolate Covered Cherry was soooo good, that we had to finish the cocktail shaker and then we didn’t feel like doing anything but kicking back and watching the lake instead of kayaking on it! So, the boat hasn’t been wet yet this summer – maybe when we meet up with Bill and Ann at the Finger Lakes in NY.

Lunch with Escapees Chapter 18


Thursday we headed off to London to attend the Escapee chapter luncheon and met up with John & Dianne, Ray & Donna and a lot of Escapees we have not seen for a long time. We had fun and then visited with my older brother Doug and his wife Heather. We haven’t seen them since we left last year so a lot of catch up was done.



I have regaled you with my journey to upgrade Getting Our New HD Dish our TV satellite to HD and I finally got frustrated enough that I finally called BellTV for help. They sent a tech out – last fall, they told me they would not come into a campground but now they do – and within an hour, we were up and running with HD. Wow what a pain this has been – I hope 1207029 July 06 Supper With Terri and Mark it’s worth it! Then we were off to Terri’s to do laundry before we head off to Grand Rapids Michigan to visit with Dick and Marcia. It was too hot to do any gardening but I did manage to get the truck washed for the trip. We stayed for dinner and arrived back late again – what’s this about burning the candle at both ends….


We are modifying our cabinets doors in the Collecting Material For Bathroom Doors bathroom and had ordered Plexiglas cut at our local Home Hardware shop here and were to pick it up Saturday morning. We arrived about 11ish to find that no one could  Day Lily From Front Garden find our order or the information that we had called in so we left empty handed. Great customer service there! After calling them back on Sunday, they ‘found’ our order and had the Plexiglas cut and waiting for us.  Wasted our weekend project so it will have to wait until we get back home

We’re already for our trip to visit with our friends Dick & Marcia in Michigan, stay tuned for more fun in the sun….

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  1. talk about burnt at both ends ,get lots of rest big boy ,,soon the hordes will be descending on your trailer camp..barb and jack brought irish whiskey home and we are taste testing it at your wagon ,,hehe..ok see you guys soon ,,just another week ..yahoo..ttyl and great big huggs