Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Michigan will Never be the Same Again

Last week, we took off on an adventure to Michigan to visit our friends Dick & Marcia T in Grand Rapids. It was an adventure because we left our rig in Ontario and roomed at Dick & Marcia’s – and they still considered us friends when we left! They have a beautiful condo with an almost self contained apartment in the basement walkout. They would be waiting with breakfast ready as we made ourselves presentable first thing in the morning! Great hosts, I recommend their little B&B for a 5 star rating!

We arrived Monday after an uneventful drive over but James (our GPS) could not find their address so we called for 1207045 July 09 Supper With Dick Marcia At Rush Creek Golf Coursedirections and they met us nearby and guided us to their place. After some much needed catch up and chat, we went to Rush Creek golf club for a delicious dinner. Dick & Marcia toured us around their community and then back to their comfortable condo for more chit chat and a few adult beverages. Before we knew it, the sandman was calling and we said good  night to a great day.

1207056 July 10 Our Tram Gets Ready To Go After a delicious breakfast and a short side trip to the hospital – Marcia works with some other gals to make hats etc for their hospital, we were off to the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids. We took the tram through the sculpture1207065 July 10 Neuron By Roxy Paine park and enjoyed the narration and antidotes of the tram driver. After, we walked through some of the other outdoor exhibits and then ventured indoors through the various gardens and displays. Soon, Dick felt that we had enough culture and deserved to go back to the condo and sit on the 1207100 July 10 Glass Chandler deck and test some of the products of their local brewery! Somehow, while sitting there gazing out into space, Dick tricked me into helping him power wash their deck boards the next morning. Oh well, a small price to pay for such a fabulous visit.

Wednesday, deck washing day! We got at it early enough that the sun didn’t beat us off the job.1207109 July 11 Terry Washes Deck Down Once done and both the laborers were cleaned1207113 July 11 Stores In Grand Haven up we were off again to Grand Haven to wander and stuff. It is a cute little town, not unlike some of our lake coastal summer tourist towns. We saw several fish charters return with smiling faces 1207116 July 11 Filleting Fish Centre on the fishermen. We walked along the board walk checking out the yachts and other people. There was scurry of activity up ahead – the local fish cleaning station with 3 guys and a gal, busy with sharp knives slicing and dicing. The young lady would be any fisherman’s dream girl because after she finished the filleting the catch, she went down to the charter boat and ‘swabbed’ the decks clean! The catch was lots of Steelheads and Rainbows, giving the fishermen lots of quality filets to take home. It was pretty interesting watching the pros filet these beauties.


Back in the car and on down the road to the beach. Don’t worry, I did not go out on1207126 July 11The Red Lighthouse the sand and play beached whale – Michigan is not ready for that event, in fact, neither am I! We walked out on the breakwater to the lighthouse and back. Lots of people around, kids jumping in the water, daring each other. Lots of folks like us, just 1207127 July 11 Barb Stands In Lake Michiganwandering and enjoying the sun and fun around us. You notice I’m not mentioning the bikinis, this is a family channel! Anyway, the sand was super hot so Dick and Marcia sat under a tree while Barb & I ventured across the Sahara to the water and Barb was able to dip her feet in the waters of Lake Michigan – she has dipped her feet in all of the great lakes now. I wonder what challenges lay ahead now?


Our tour continues south along the Lakeshore Drive toward Holland and dinner at the  Boatwerks. We sat outside on the patio and watched the marine world go by as we had an excellent meal with great 1207131 July 11 Marcia Barb At Table company. With the help of a crane and a few sticks of dynamite, we load back into the car and head back to the condo to renew Dick & Marcia’s skills with Mexican – opps, that should be Michigan Train. After a couple of games, we retire to the sun room for more quilting chat while Dick and I solve other serious world  issues.

All too soon, our morning of departure arrives. Dick and Marcia made sure we were completely full of breakfast before we head out. Before we got out their neighbor came over with a strawberry pie so we stayed for a breakfast dessert, oh yummy.  It’s always a sad time to leave, after hugs and gratitude's, we climb aboard the big black truck and point it toward home.

It was a wonderful visit – thank you Dick & Marcia.

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  1. again it is good to read about your other friends ,not that we didnt think you had other friends ,,its if they wanted to be named hehe,,love that area od michigan ,too late for the tulips in holland but sure is a nice spot there ..ok see u guys real soon huggs and ttyl.