Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

It is Slowing Down

I am sorry I am a couple of weeks behind my postings but time is zipping by and lots of our winter friends are heading to northern locations. We have had several lunches out to celebrate with heart felt goodbyes. I’ll try to pick up where I left off narrating about our fun times here at the Plantation.

Raffle Quilt Team Lunch Monday, March 19th, Barb had her quilt team over for lunch as a thank you for their hard work and friendship on next years raffle quilt. This was the 1st ‘real’ event that we hosted on our new site here. It was a good time. In the evening, Jim & Lydia and Barry joined us for a Mexican Train fix.Rainbow Plantation Quilters 2012

It seems like it is just party, party, party  and the quilting ladies had their year end brunch party at the clubhouse. Barb has been helping Ron with his video software (he uses the same as Barb) so we had them over for dinner and ‘home movie’ night to show him what Barb does with the software. Jim & Lydia were also here and brought lots of laughs with them. Ron & Ruth came over in their golf cart and we all sat out under our Magnolia tree before dinner. As Ron & Ruth were leaving, they drove straight out the back of our site but did not notice the Azalea bush a ran right over it! Now I understand why they don’t drink alcohol beverages!

Getting our cooking instructions. Wednesday was the last Cooks Corner seminar and we feasted on prime rib of beef and pork tenderloin with all the trimmings. What a lunch! Barb rolled me home for a nap!

Thursday, Barb went to her quilting ladies group Lydia Backs out & Jim Navigates & Terry watches and I went to the computer group but it was a sad day as we said fare thee well to Jim & Lydia as they left for destinations in Georgia and North Carolina. We had a quiet afternoon and back to the clubhouse for dinner.



Quilts to the Boys Ranch

Friday brought us a torrential downpour but Boy Quilts Blowing In The Wind Barb and a couple of ladies delivered the quilts to the boys ranch in the rain. The quilt group here held a quilting bee and completed 15 quilts in one day with many hands helping. Fifty-two men & women helped  cutting and assembling while others sewed (15 sewing machines) and pressed seams. It was amazing the progress they made.

That evening, we had dinner with Barry & Lorrie at the Fish River Grill. Sadly, Barry & Lorrie left Saturday AM after we all had a last breakfast at the clubhouse.Fish River Grill with Barry & Lorrie 

A bunch of us met at a local restaurant in Fairhope for lunch Sunday. It seems it is a regular stop for some after church. Us, we just showed up and one of the others put a bunch of tables together to seat us all. Lunch Sunday



We road with Bill and Ann and after, sat at their site for the afternoon with Dick & Marcia, kibitzing and carrying on as if we were in our right minds! It was good fun. And yes, it is Sunday and so off to the ice cream social and said our good byes to many RVers heading out. Cheers With Good Friends

Hoping all is well where you are….


  1. an entertaining little blog //wish you were here ,,huggs and not saying hurry ,but c u soon huggs again ..ttyl/

  2. meant to comment on the older group on your front deck,we must be getting older ourselfs and it takes a group picture to prove this point ..oh well huggs and ttyl and thanks for the easter card