Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Head’n Home

Barb & I went to the ice cream social at the clubhouse one last time to say farewell to the many friends we have made over the winter here at the Plantation. Oh, and of course for the ice cream! This is always an unhappy time saying goodbye but it is  Baby Bluebird On Ladder also a happy time to be moving on again. Our destination is to the NuWa factory in Chanute, KS to get the floor replaced on the bedroom slide.

One of the many Bluebirds that visit come by for a visit. this one looks really young.

We had a very nice drive north out of Mobile and into Mississippi. We stayed off the interstate until Winona and parked at WalMart in Grenada, MS. I always say that parking at WalMart is an expensive campground but this time I’m wrong. We don’t need anything so we paid very little for parking!

Back on the road with great weather but a bit breezy from the SW so it was helping until we turned west at Memphis. Wow, I had forgotten how flat the eastern side of Arkansas is, the dust was a blow’n. The terrain changed before we got to Little Rock and the hills offered spectacular vistas. We turned north again on 540 and pulled into WalMart at Fayetteville. It is hot and we would love to have our air on but no hook ups so no air! From here, our trip to Chanute is only a 4 hour drive. We continue on our way with little traffic and calm skies.

Our plan was to aOur Site In Santa Fe Parkrrive at the Santa Fe Campground early Thursday to be assured of a space since this cam Bugs And More Bugspground can be busy but as we roll in, there were lots of spaces available. Our appointment is Monday so we have a few days to be lazy – right! There are advantages to travelling in cool weather – you don’t have to wash the  bugs off the front! Yuk. Barb gets busy with organizing her fabric stash and sewing cabinet and I with a few little jobs that appeared while enroute. Otherwise, we’re  kick’n back in Chanute KS.

Hope’n all is good with all y’all out there….

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  1. ok we are gearing up for the arrival of the best snowbirds in the world ,,(we live in a small world)hehe but there is a chapter dinner at the chinese place on thurs..if you are near here ??ice cream too ..ok huggs and ttyl soooon