Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Expectant Guests

Monday, Mar 26th, Terri and Mark are coming down for the weekend and we are excited that they want to visit the old folks at the ‘old age home’ here in L.A!

Tablecloth from left over fabric Barb & her quilting buds were off shopping to put the final touches on a table cloth Happy Hour At Bill Ann With Dick Marcia they made with the left over fabric from the raffle quilt and I laid more broken stone down in front of my ‘work bench’ (read plank on ladder) beside the shed. It works great for me – rain or cold and I don’t do anything! After all the shopping and stone laying was completed, we trekked down to Bill & Ann’s again for happy hour (or two) with Marcia and Dick.

Barb Raking Dirt Level Even though the ladies are sort of done sewing, they still get together at the clubhouse and I’m sure tell funny stories about their pet husbands! After lunch, Barb & I picked up another couple of flip flop patio stones so we could get the step completed at the deck entry. We had lots of stone left over from the walk way so with all the materials in hand now, we dug and dug andFront Step Finished finished the job before clean up and off to the last Tuesday dinner at the clubhouse. Tonight’s dinner was free to say thanks to all those that have volunteered throughout the winter – yes, we do volunteer. Larry (our cook) rummages through the freezer and pulls together a fine pot luck meal.

Wednesday, Bill, Ann & Joan join us kayaking some of the back channels of the Fish River where it empties into Weeks Bay. It was a wonderful paddle with friends and calm waters. Again, we didn’t see too much wildlife except for the ones in the kayaks. On our way back to the launch ramp, we did see a Blue Heron, a Green Heron and an Osprey.

Bill Catches us snoozing  A Lovely Day On The Water  Blue Heron

                                  Green Heron  1203422 Mar 28 Osprey In Tree

Tomorrow, Terri & Mark arrive at Mobile airport so we’ll cut this entry short here. We wish y’all well out there….


  1. what no ice cream ,,anyways will be nice to the outlaws and daughter..wishing you guys good times ,,huggs and ttyl..

  2. Oops, forgot about ice crean - we were watching the Masters and missed the ice cream social!