Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Still More and the Days get Longer

Bees And Raindrops On Our Wisteria Some times, we think we need to go back to Canada to rest up for next winters retreat! We had some fun after the Orange Beach Craft show – we agreed to meet up at Tacky Jack’s pub in Orange Beach for a bite and refreshments. I give all the driving instructions but alas, I was not correct on the exact location so after numerous phone calls and eventually stopping at a convenience store, we made it and none to soon! We got the last table for 8 against the rail, overlooking the bay. As usual, the food was good, the beer cold and the company great. We retired back to the Plantation and went to the clubhouse after dinner for a rousing game of Sequence. It was a full day but lots of fun.

Sunday was a bit slower than some, Barb joined a ‘Row Robin’ quilt project with 5 other ladies. They are to build a quilt row and mail it onto the next person on theirRow Robin Barb Shows Pieces list. Each person adds to the  row and mail it on to the next lady. In the end, each lady will have finished quilt that was built by each of them. So, Barb worked on that project most ofIce Cream Social the day and of course, we went to the ice cream social. You can tell we’re at a SKP park, look at the crowd just for ice cream!
Barb is very busy trying to get next years raffle quilt completed so it can go to be finished so when everyone returns this fall, it will be done. Barb and her team have been working evenings and off shopping and having fun together to get it completed. I have caught a cold but didn’t want to share it but unfortunately did! Sorry guys. While Barb was with her team, I managed to get some digging done on the garden path from the deck to the shed. This projRaffle Quilt For Nest Yearect has been dragging but coming to an end soon.

 Fog Rolls in At Pelican Point
On Wednesday, Jim, Lydia, Barb & I went on a small road trip to walk the board walk at the Pitcher Plant Bog and the boardwalk at the Weeks Bay Preserve. The Pitcher Plants are just starting to bloom but we caught a chameleon in the lens too. While at the Preserve, we saw some beautiful blossoms, a Blue Tailed Skink and another Chameleon. The Azalea's were absolutely beautiful. Peaceful and serene, it is a nice place to visit and not far from the Plantation.1203187 Mar 14 Barb In Yellow Azaelas

Pitcher Plant Bloom Cameleon Close Up   Green Cameleon

Wild Azaela Blue Tail Skank
Jim felt sorry for me slugging away in the heat of the day and came over to help out withSo Much Grass to Dig Out  my digging – thanks Jim, let’s have a beer to celebrate the digging done!
Gravel for the Garden Path Saturday, the main event for some – the Fairhope Art and Craft Sale and Show. We went with Jim & Lydia but agreed to meet up with the others for lunch etc. Barb was not feeling well – yes she caught my cold but she persevered and we walked by each booth. Much of the arts and crafts were very beautiful – this is in the top 10 of craft shows in the USA. One of the main draws is the Southern Belle Court. These are 6 young ladies that have achieved all the grades and social responsibilities required. They are dressed in their gowns and available for pictures and conversation. Can you tell which one is my favorite Belle? Barb With Southern Belle 1203268 Mar 17 Neat Birdhouses
1203274 Mar 17 The New 2012 Court

Big Daddys for Lunch While sitting at lunch at Big Daddy’s, I mentioned that we could use some help on the shovels to finish the pathway. Barb & I went shopping before we went to the craft show and bought our patio stones and the gravel so I could finish the pathway so the yard looked nice when Barb had her team over for lunch. To our surprise, Jim, Lydia, Bill, Ann, Barry & Lorrie all showed up to help out. It was great, we got the job done before dark. I hope the pictures show how hard all worked and how much fun we had.

1203284 Mar 17 Bill Terry Jim Working On Path  1203285 Mar 17  Men Making Decisions 1203288 Mar 17 Getting Level Dirt
 1203289 Mar 17 Landscape Fabric Down 1203291 Mar 17 Barry Raking Gravel 1203295 Mar 17 Shovelling In Gravel Ann Lydia
1203296 Mar 17 Barb Washes Flip Flop Stones 1203297 Mar 17 Sun Goes Down On Job Well Done
It is wonderful to have good friends that pitch in and help out. The activities are winding down here but still lots to do. We hope all is good where ever you are….


  1. crikey,you will not want to come home with all you have done down there..it looks marvelous ,as some older person has said.. the park from the air is really different than what i had imagined.and the roof of your trailer is dirty hehe..ok huggs and ttyl and say hello to all the others for us..

  2. i meant to comment on the size of the foot prints in the garden walk,but better to be quiet,,ok huggs

  3. More fun reading your blog when we are part of the activities.
    Miss being part of the group...jimmer

    1. I think it's fun reading your blog whether we're in it or not. But it makes me wish I were wherever doing whatever with you both! xoxo Lydia