Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

The Quiet has Returned

Barb's First Row of the Row Robin Whew, we survived the weekend with Terri & Mark, and with many snowbirds heading north, it is considerably quieter around here now. Even though many folks from the Plantation have gone north, that doesn’t stop several of the remaining quilting ladies from gathering together and enjoy their ‘stitch & bitch’ sessions each Tuesday and Thursday. Barb continues to be influenced by the talent of the others and joins in on their camaraderie. In a few words, we’re having fun! BTW, our Magnolia Tree is out in bloom so now Barb With Magnolia Bud we can leave. We were hoping that we would get to see it before we left; we have and the blooms are beautiful.

As we look toward the end of the month and our departure, we get several items cleared up like truck maintenance, rig washed and starting to wax, ‘stuff’ stowed and organized. We have attempted to hook up with our friends – Sean & Patti as they move east and us west but to no avail. We’re gonna be ‘ships in the night’ again. So now our plan is to leave here Apr 24th for Chanute, KS to get the bedroom slide floor replaced.

We have been kayaking on the Fish River a few times with our friends Bill & Ann. One time, as we were heading back to the put in a homeowner waved us over to their shore and asked if we would help retrieve a kids bike from the river bottom. Apparently the kids were not to play near the water but you know kids, somehow the bike ended up in the drink!

Terry Making The Great Bike RescueAlmost got itEveryone is Happy No

So, Barb held us against the breakwater while I used their boat hook to feel for the bike and tried to catch it on a spoke or something to bring it to the surface. I was surprised on how deep the water was right against the breakwater. After a few attempts, we found the bike and had it hooked and brought it up. The kids were happy and the parents were overjoyed as they didn’t have to go in for it! The owner was no where to be seen so I’m sure she knew she was in for something unpleasant. Anyway, ‘the bike rescue’ gave us another story in our life memories.

Kayaks On The Dock Another time kayaking, we detoured over to  Lunch At Big Daddys Big Daddy’s for lunch. We were not sure how graceful we would be getting our duffs out of the kayaks and onto the dock but it worked out without one of us getting wet! It was kinda neat to go kayaking and paddle into the restaurant for a beverage and a bite. We pulled the kayaks out onto the dock while we ate. Getting back into them was not a pretty site for me, as I sat down, I did not land properly and was almost laying down before I regained my balance – ooppps.

Our Stain Glass Picture One of the campers here does some beautiful scroll saw work and I asked if he had his router with him and of course he did! Judy had made us a stained glass window that we intended to put in the cabinet opening of our stereo components so I took it down to Ed to route a channel out to set the stained glass in. He had it done in no time and it is a perfect fit.Thanks Ed! Now we’re on the hunt for clips to hold it in but for now it is fine until we put some hinges on.

We’ve been hang’n with Bill & Ann and they depart on Monday as we head out on Tuesday so we decided to have one last kayak and to stop at Big Daddy’s for a celebratory dinner. This time, the getting out and in was much better. Good food and cold beer with friends, it can’t get any better than this – oh, ok, maybe if we won a lottery.

I will not publish again until we get back to our perch in Ontario. We hope to land around May 5th or so. Hope all is well with you out there, where ever you are…

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  1. ok sounds good for the return ,are you going to the flamboro waterdown area again???ok ttyl and huggs,let us know.