Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Howling at the Moon

The week has moved along all too quickly! Where did March go? St Patty’s day went by in a green blink and now we’re talking about the trip back north!

It’s that time of the year for the Fairhope Craft and Art Show. It is one of the best in the south with lots of talented artisans. We were going to go over on Friday to avoid the crowds but our day went a little sideways and that plan got pushed into Saturday.  After all, what is the fun of going to an arts and craft show without having to find suitable parking and fight the crowds?  We went with friends Dottie & George from the park, taking the bus from Big Lots to the show.
We went to the show and sale back in ’09 and found our bathroom sink. This year’s show and sale was even bigger than in ’09! There was lots of beautiful stuff on display for sale but you had to have your wits about you – this stuff was pricy! The ‘Southern Belles’ were there with the 2010 court exiting and the 2011 court taking their place, participating in service projects throughout their communities.

Later in the day, we were sitting outside chatting with friends, Pat & Al, when someone else yelled out that there was a ‘Howling at the Moon’ party tonight! Howling at the Moon party? What could this be about? Of course Barb & I took our chairs and beverages over to the clubhouse to check it out! And yes, that is exactly what we did – howled at the moon as it rose up over the trees! There was a bunch of us, sitting facing east and as the moon got above the trees, we all howled and hollered at the big orange moon! You will have to google ‘supermoon’ for more info, the web sites are too numerous to list here.

The ice cream social was busier than most! The word had gotten around that it was Milli’s (park manager) birthday and a small celebration was afoot! Both Gary and Milli were kidding each other and we all had fun! After the social, we enjoyed entertainment by the Banjo Lady and JB (Dianne & Jerry from the ERPU row). We have seen so much talent while on the road.

On Monday, we got the boat wet again and this time went north and reached the highway 32 bridge. A good achievement for us! Again, it was great being out on the river. Fish were keeping us entertained along with a few Kingfishers completing some acrobatic moves for some lunch!

Tuesday was ‘Terry wash the roof day’! I tried Murphy’s Oil Soap – recommended by a RV repair shop – and it turned out pretty good but we have a big case of black spot up there. The manufacturer – NuWa – suggested I use Tilex on the roof to reduce the black spot. That will be another day, I’m already stiff from the 1st application!

Barb needed some bases for her baskets so we contacted an outdoor furniture guy we saw at the Fairhope Craft Show. His shop was just a few miles away and he welcomed us to come around and see what we could make useful! What a find! He let us paw through his scrap bin and we came up with a couple of nice looking pieces of cypress! We continued on and got propane and what the heck, let’s have lunch at Sonics – our favorite fast food joint! We get back to the rig in enough time that Barb can get some more work done on her quilt project while I kick back on the lounger outside, enjoying the beautiful day! Later, friends stop by and asked us to join them for dinner at the Fish River Grill – again, one of our favorites for cat fish! Wow, talk about belonging to the LEO (lets eat out) club! The day was capped off with George and Dottie coming in for a few games of Aggravation! Boys against the girls and the girls squeaked out the wins! Now that’s aggravating – I have to cook for the next week – what, I do that now!!

Well, this post is getting a little long so until next time, we’re hoping all is good where you are….

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  1. sure good to read about all the activities u guys are doing ,,be really different and slow up here when u get back ..not to much here for the active rvers..ok be waiting to see and hear all about ur winter.. huggs and ttyl..