Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Behind the Ropes

Saturday and Sunday, we had to play our golf around the 2nd annual weekend long tournament here honoring The Masters being played in Augusta, Georgia this weekend. Friday night, we were kibitzing around the campfire and came up with a plan to have fun with the golfers here during their tournament. The tee time for the tournament was 1PM so the four of us played 9 holes early so we could get set up for the official tee off!

We found some yellow rope and tied it up to a tree and a stake in the ground to form the line for the gallery. We took our 4 chairs up to the ropes and awaited for the 20 or so players to come through. What a hoot! We cheered and applauded each drive, asked for autographs and took pictures of the ‘pros’ as they started their games! It couldn’t be too serious as they each hit two balls off the 1st tee and selected the best one to play! As we joked with them about this, they claimed it was to replace the trip to the range and they only did it on the 1st hole! You know you’re playing redneck golf when…..  Anyway, they all had a great laugh at our salute to The Masters!

We had nine holes to play so we followed in behind the last group (a five-some) and completed our round. After we put our clubs away, we gathered the rope, a couple of beverages and went to the eighteenth green to cheer them on as they came up the last hole! We tied the rope from the left roof support of one cart to the right roof support of the other cart and sat in our carts behind the ropes and watched them putt out! Applause and cheers echoed down the Georgia pines lined fairways! The club pro came by and had a good laugh at our antics! In the evening, the 4 of us were pretty exhausted but after a feast, we managed to complete a few games of Sequence.

Sunday morning, the final round of 2nd annual of The Masters at Wanee Lake Country Club, we have a combined breakfast with Jim and Lydia out on the picnic table (yes, for $16/night, the table is included!) and prepare to be the 1st tee gallery for the tournament players. We make some signs and set up the ropes and position our chairs – we wanted to be sure to get front row seating! Barb & I sat back and watched Jim & Lydia prepare to break camp so they would be ready to head home after the players tee off.
Another fun filled event with us sitting ‘behind the ropes’ and the golfers teeing off for their final round. We had one group join us for picture taking, never would happen on the first tee in Augusta.  After the last group, we clean up our gallery and Jim & Lydia depart for home. Another wonderful visit from them and plans lay afoot to meet up again somewhere.
Other RVing friends of ours are coming in this afternoon for the night! Bill and Claire from Massachusetts are spending a few weeks going home from Florida. Again, more fun and chatter! We agreed to find a spot for a dinner out. There are a few places in Ashburn but wait, this is Sunday and we are in the Bible belt here so the only place open that was not a fast food joint was Shoney’s! It was a new experience for all of us! The rest of the evening was sharing stories along with a few beverages! We had an enjoyable time and made plans for future visits and maybe a Habitat build.
Monday and Tuesday brought more golf for Barb & I. Tuesday highlights another milestone for Barb, she walked and carried her bag for 9 holes! As some of you know, she couldn’t walk 1 hole a few years ago but since her knee replacement – look out! Also, still playing in her Crocs, she scored a 74 on our final round! Wow, a 74! She played beautifully – I on the other hand could not hit any iron I put my hand on and ended with an 86!

A goodbye wave form the owner, Dave, and Carolyn we depart Wanee Lake Country Club and RV Resort heading north to Tennessee, making our way home. Since we have to stay out at a WalMart on the way, we choose the store in Jasper, Ga and arrange to have dinner with Jim & Lydia. I know we only saw them a few days ago, up to their place for happy hour then to Kelley’s for dinner.  Then back to our rig for more laughter before we said our final farewell.  We left early – 9:30 is early for us, and head for Raccoon Valley in Tennessee. We arrive here to find several Escapees from the Plantation – another home coming!

Enough for now, return later to hear about our excursions here in Tennessee.

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  1. social butterflys ,,well y'all having a gr8 time for sure..dont get here to quick,,we are having cold and snow here on the 18th of april,,jeez what a crazy and mixed up month ,be safe on the tripp home and ttyl and big huggs ..call when your are close to us and we will meet at the J for lunch ,supper ,whatever ,,its now a dennys ok..