Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Golf, Golf, and more Golf

We mount up and with the help of ‘James’, our new GPS, we are heading to Wanee Lake Golf and RV Resort in Ashburn, Ga. Traffic was good and with only one fuel stop and a break for lunch, we could have pushed through to the campground but that would be breaking another of our rules – not to pull into a campground after 4 PM! Anyway, with James’ help, we find the WalMart in Moultrie, Ga., our resting spot for the night. After dinner, we walk around the lot but the menacing sky forced us back to the rig! We were looking at lots of black skies and high winds, threatening a sever storm throughout the night. And we got it! The rain was driven in sheets as the lightening and thunder kept the sandman away for most of the night! Fortunately, we had parked with the nose of the trailer into the wind so we didn’t rock and roll to much. Tuesday morning, we start out again with blue skies and lots of sunshine and were parked on a site by noon, perfect, now we can leisurely set up and get to enjoy the remainder of the day.
Our 5er and looking down first fairway

On Wednesday, Barb & I decided to hoof it around the golf course. It was great walking with my bride again as we batted the little white ball around the links! Ouch, our feet are getting sore as we complete the third hole. After taking some time on the fourth tee to do some make shift bandages, we continue on. After nine, Barb can hardly walk let alone swing at that little cursed sphere! So for today, we are happy to get nine holes in. We are still dazed at this deal, $16 for a full hook-up site and all the golf we care to play! Wow! We get a surprise email that Jim & Lydia are coming down from Jasper to join us here for a little re-union and some golf! What a neat surprise!

Thursday, Barb & I get out early so not miss Jim & Lydia’s arrival. We’re supplying dinner as so many others have done for us after a road trip so we have to complete our round to prepare – you have to have priorities! Anyway, the blisters on Barb’s heels are really sore so she tries to play in her Crocs! OMG, she is hitting it a ton with no spikes! Now that’s balance!

A little lunch between nines
Jim & Lydia arrive and after a quick hello with hugs all around, they get set up and we spend the evening laughing and enjoying all our and their stories since the last time we were together! Of course, we have recorded the 1st round of the Masters and we are watching some of that too. We have a rig beside us that is from Kitchener and they too are having friends from Gravenhurst meet them here before continuing north to home.

Around the campfire
Friday the weather is spectacular! Sunny with lots of blue skies and hot! We tee off early to beat the heat. We had a great day but Barb was out of her mind, she shot 78! I struggled a little with an 87! I think I’m going to have to try golfing in my Crocs too! Friday night, we joined Bill and Janet (new friends from Kitchener) and their friends around a campfire for some camaraderie. Poor Jim & Lydia were out numbered, 6 Canadians poking fun but Lydia turned on her southern charm and had us all in stitches with her ‘southern belle’ comedy. It was great fun.

We hope y’all are having as much fun as we are where ever you are!

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  1. well now bein honorary georgians u didn step in an hep ur friends dayum ok enough fun poked at ya .. hopeing ur not to far from being back to us guys ..speedy and safe travels hugg