Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Back to Normal Post Mardis Gras

Wow, Wednesday brought us one hell of a storm! We were on Tornado watch most of the day and one did touch down in Silverhill, a small town just north of the Plantation! We had some wind but lots of rain. Our site was actually under water most of the day. Pat & Carolyn stopped by to say farewell. They are heading off to ‘greener’ parades in New Orleans! We had Jim & Lydia in for dinner and games. They are leaving soon so we have to cram in as much as we can in the short time left!

Thursday, the girls went to a quilting/sewing project class in the club house while Jim & I took to the links with a couple of other guys. Jim & Lydia brought dinner over and we had more games and fun again.
On Friday, we took a tour day and headed to Bellingrath Gardens via the Fort Morgan/Dalphin Island ferry. The boat ride over was uneventful as we passed through many, many oil well rigs that are planted on the bottom of Mobile Bay. Once we landed on Dalphin Island, we took a quick tour of the beach area then head north to Bellingrath Estates.
What an estate! There is too much to mention here so you’ll have to go to the web site if you want more info. It was beautiful but we were too early for many of the plantings and flowers, a nice day none the less.

Saturday we went to the clubhouse for breakfast and on the way back, we took Jim & Lydia around to the ERPU row to show them one of the sites that we may be in line for. While standing and looking, Madonna and Ed came over to say hello and welcome us to the row – whenever we get a site which should be soon as we are #2 on the list and there are 2 or 3 members leaving! We had a great chat and started back to the rig. This walk which is normally a 5 minute walk took us 45 minutes – too many folks out and about to chat with!

Sunday was another beautiful day in paradise but a sad one. Jim & Lydia are heading on down the road to meet up with family for a camping holiday! We wave farewell to good friends and companions! The rest of the day was quiet while Barb & I worked on ongoing projects. Dianne and Jerry from the ERPU row came by to welcome us to their community! We are really getting excited now!

The week started out with beautiful sunshine so we decided to get the boat wet again! We launched at the same place as last time but went south. Somehow, we got the wrong seats – I had Barb’s and she had mine – so we were not set up the same in the kayak! Our legs were too close to our peddles and by the time we realized our situation, we could not change the seats over and it is tough to make adjustments when you’re on the river! We cut this trip a bit short but enjoyed the ride anyway. We didn’t see very much wildlife. Have I mentioned the absence of shorebirds here? Is it because of the BP oil spill or is it the housing that crowds the shoreline of the river?

The quilting ladies took a shopping trip over to Pensacola for the day and dragged Barb kicking and screaming along with them. Apparently they had a great time shopping at their favorite fabric stores, stopping for lunch and didn’t get back until late in the afternoon. I made myself busy learning how to make wind spinners out of beer cans. The difficult part was acquiring the raw materials – I needed 6 cans so…. Anyway, it’s just another way of recycling! The evening was capped off by an old fashioned weenie roast around the camp fire. Weenies and beans, what more could you ask for to keep us warm in the evening?

Our rig roof is really dirty so I tried a different product in an attempt to clean the black spots off the rubber. It didn’t work but I’ll try it again and leave it sit longer and see if there is an improvement so that task is back on the ‘to-do’ list!

I think enough for now, be well where ever you are….

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  1. what with ice cream butt ,u should survive 40-50mph winds hehe,ok just funning wit ya..keep up the crafts and soon u will be on e-bay with janet and be able to full time fulltime ,,hehe oh crap u already are hehe,,ok gr8 big huggs and ttyl ,,soon we hope to see and talk to you guys ..miss ya ..