Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Heading North

Whew, I must apologize to our regular readers for my tardiness in updating our blog. We have been out of communications for a week but I digress about our woes! I will try to bring this up to date with our move to Knoxville, Tn then onto home in Ontario.

We arrived at the Escapee, Raccoon Valley campground just north of Knoxville Thursday afternoon, Apr 14th. The new club house provides more room for socials and meals. The renovated sites are better but not bigger. All in all, the renovations are an improvement to what it used to be.

Holy coldness! We’ve been here for a couple of days and except for the 1st day, it has been cold since the storm passed through on Friday night, lots of rain and wind here! OMG, the ceiling in the shower is damp after the rains. Barb pointed this out after the last rain we had while parked in the WalMart in Moultrie Ga., but I thought the wind blew it up under the Fantastic vent cover! So, up I go to inspect the roof, vent and caulking. Holy cracks! The caulking had a couple of hairline cracks in it and had lifted up in one area so it needs to come off and be re-caulked! Thanks goodness for knee pads, it took a bit of time to peel the old caulk off, clean the area and apply the new caulk. Of course, when up there and almost all the old caulk off, I only then thought about the tube of caulk being old and dried! It would just finish the day off if it had been – no caulk and now no sealant around the vent and the skies are threatening more rain but all was good and now resealed!

Not much going on here. Barb finished a couple of projects on her sewing machine and I caught up on our laundry. We toured around the area on Sunday, looking for used chairs that needed some TLC and some caning but none available. Of course, we went to the ice cream social in the Escapee club house in the afternoon.

Our oldest daughter invited us to spend Easter with them at their ski cabin in NW New York so we  left the flowering Dogwoods and leafing trees to view gray and early spring flora! We pulled into a WalMart just off I75 for some supplies. There were a couple of other rigs there so we pulled up beside a Class C and went inside WalMart to shop. As we came back, a guy approached us from the ‘C’ with his hand gun slung in his holster on his hip! Needless to say, Barb & I were a little anxious! We politely say hello and tried to get aboard the truck without delay. He is trying to explain why he feels it is necessary to carry and we nod and agree about the ‘weird’ folks around and climb into the truck and got going! It was a little unnerving to be approached!

We stayed in a WalMart about 60 miles south of Cleveland for the night. We parked in the lot adjacent to the Tire & Lube department and were assured by Customer Service that we will have a quiet rest. Boy was she wrong! By the time we retired to bed, there were more than a dozen big trucks all around us. And it was cold – brrrrrrr – and of course the truckers needed to keep warm and the refers cannot be shut down so we didn’t have that nice quiet rest!

Our daughter had arranged to store our rig at a farmer and we arrived mid day and he met us and made the move in easy. After packing and organizing food and beverage, we drove the short distance to their place. It was a nice weekend, just the 4 of us relaxing, playing games, kibitzing and catching up! It rained most if the weekend except Saturday so we headed out to browse around and found 4 chairs that were suitable for me to cane – now I have lots to do this spring!

We stayed over night in the farmer’s yard until Tuesday AM and headed for the border! It was easy this time, no guards boarding, no x-raying or guards searching our cabinets! The border guard just said welcome home! We haven’t had it that easy from them in awhile!

We arrived at Larry’s Tuesday afternoon and had to set up in the pouring rain. Wednesday was warm but then turned nasty in the afternoon with high winds and lots of rain. Thursday morning we had high winds and lots of rain, again and it turned cold! Can it get more miserable?

So now you know how we’re doing and we hope you’re ok where you are.

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  1. well welcome home ..glad to have you back in gods country ,oopps can i say GOD,oh well so much for that ,give a shout when you come to gillies and we will have a day together ,,if you want to of course ,,maybe some new games will be better for me to play and win hehe..ok ttyl and BIG HUGGS...