Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Getting out the Winter Clothes!

We have been back a week and already I miss wearing shorts and Ts! I know we’re getting better weather than the storm ravaged southern states and parts of Ontario but where is spring?

We are working our way through the function of calling the doctors, getting our Canadian phone set up again and all the other ‘things’ we do when we get back after the winter months south. By the time this gets posted, we have seen our daughters and grand kids! It is good to be with them again, catching up on every ones doins!

Barb has been busy cooking – yes, that’s correct, cooking our dinners. She also got ‘The Machine’ out again to put finishing touches on some projects. I started taking apart one of the chairs that we picked up in NW NY. They are a little wobbly and need some glue and TLC. When I removed the plywood from the seat area, I got a not so good surprise! The last repair person cut the seat surface to fit the plywood – I’ve got some work to do to make the seats ready to cane.

It’s a funny thing about being back ‘home’, not so much eating out, more kitchen work! Life is also a little slower now, weird how this works out. We still haven’t made our minds up on where we’re going to go/stay. We were going to tour Ontario and stay by the month but with fuel prices and the monthly cost of the campground – ouch! We’ve contacted a couple in areas that we thought would be fun to visit and their monthly rates are excessive - $900 - $1200/month! Yikes! So, it’s back to the campground directories to make a decision!

It’s a bonus to be parked in my brother’s driveway so I can use his workshop. Unfortunately, it’s not really heated so the work periods are short cause I get cold – at least that’s my story! All in all, a quiet week here with some decent progress made on the 2 chairs. Barb and I both came down with colds – not from the grand kids this time!

We have moved on down the road to North Shore RV Park in Brighton, Ontario. We had 2 new grand kids adopted into the family and our daughter is having them Christened this Mother’s Day. We arrive and set up in the campground with a wonderful site not 15 feet from the shore of Weller’s Bay. It’s a great view overlooking the marina and bay – maybe we can get the kayak out for a ride while we’re here!

It was a nice weekend, our other 2 daughters came down on the Saturday too and we all met for dinner, celebrated the Christening on Sunday, lunched at the church, returned to our daughters house for a small reception and we all had a fun time. Now back to the CG for some rest, with this cold bug, we are wiped out!

We had intended on only staying for the weekend but we checked our next destination and they do not have a space big enough for us! What to do? Well, you can’t beat this site so we’re staying put for a week to enjoy it!

Until next time, we hope your doing well…..

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  1. ok good to be able to get our comments on here .when you get to hamilton freelton waterdown ,we will come up and camp for a week or so when ur settled ok ..ttyl and hugs