Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Wrapping up Our Stay in Florida

The park has a small festival happening this week called Cracker Capers. There are several meals planned, contests, a golf tournament and a closing meal and entertainment. The term ‘Florida Cracker’ is explained here .

Barb & I joined the golf tournament at the Little Cyprus Golf Course. We were on separate teams and we won 1st and 2nd places in a scramble format! It was a great time and we met more very nice people from the park.  The wrap up dinner was cooked and served by the Canadians in the park – somehow we missed that sign up sheet! The entertainment was several of the parks more talented folks doing skits and providing music to the rest of us! It was good fun!

Dick & Karla told us about a sky diving event at a roadhouse restaurant on the Manatee River on Monday so we all agreed we should meet up and watch. The place was jammed, what a marketing idea this was! Lots of people doing the same thing, a couple of wobbly pops, dinner and watch the sky divers hit a target anchored out on the river! Afterward, we went to their house for some cards and dessert! Alas, we must say good bye. We are leaving soon and this is the last opportunity to be with them this trip! This lifestyle brings us together with long time friends more often!

We decided that we needed another whack at the golf course. Playing a scramble just doesn’t satisfy the golfer in us. We teed it up but the weather forecast was not positive but we got 9 holes in anyway. We enjoyed getting out to play but neither of us brought the course to its knees!

The next day we toured over to see Solomon’s Castle. He’s an artist with junk! I was very interesting and neat on how he uses scrap to create his art and sculptures. The tour guides provide antidotes on most peaces in the castle. I had planned to treat my daring bride to lunch on the ‘Boat in the Moat’ but didn’t take enough cash! They do not accept credit or debit cards and the castle is out in the boonies – no ATM across the street!

The next day was cool and we decided that since we just picked up a new AV Receiver – ours finally died but not due to the power surge – or was it? Anyway, we put new shelves in the entertainment cabinet that allows for better cooling of the equipment and installed the new receiver and CD player. Still have to get glass for the door for it to be finished!

Our final tour took us over to Lake Placid for the day. We saw all 44 murals and toured Toby’s clown school and museum! The murals are spectacular, all drawn on walls about the history and events around Lake Placid.  All the garbage cans are artfully painted as well. It took us all day to view the murals. The artists added small items to each mural which viewers are challenged to find in the picture! To give the tour justice, we should have planned it for over 2 days! There was no time to visit the artist co-op or wander though the many shops.

We’re leaving soon for the Plantation in Alabama. Hope all is well there.

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  1. could not have been to cool ,,you were still in shorts and shirts there,way to go jack Nicklaus,,ok enough about you rascals ,,nice castle and hope there is more tours ,this way we dont miss the sights also hehe..ok ttyl and HUGGS