Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Can We Find Things to Do?

Wow, is it cold but it’s the same all across the south – except maybe Florida, we’re wondering why we left so early! Oh, that’s right, we wanted to get involved!

And, we have done that. We’re enjoying the events, crafts and camaraderie! On Friday, Feb 11, 60 of us descended on a little café in Daphne for a lunch out. Luckily, with some effort by café staff, they were able to squeeze us all in! It was loud but good food! On our way to the ‘home made chocolate’ store, we found a used furniture shop. Barb & I were planning to come back later but Pat insisted he drive us around to find the right chair for me to learn caning! I asked the owner if they had any broken chairs and she informed me that they do not take in broken furniture and directed us to another store that might carry something we’re looking for! After a short trip, we find a small warehouse of not so carefully handle furniture and found just what was needed! The sales lady wanted $10.00 but I chiseled her down to $7 with tax in! What a steal! I begin my caning classes next week!

Saturday is the monthly craft sale and breakfast with lots of people with their wares on display. Wow, so much talent! Everything was available to the shopper; of course I went straight to the baked goods table! There were wood carvings, wood signs, copper work, jewelry, sewing items, pysankas and other arts and crafts too many to mention.

Sunday, we shared a happy hour with some new folks from Lindsay, Ontario. It really is a small world with so many nice people out here! Then of course we just have to go to the weekly ice cream social! It’s ok though; we walk over and back to the club house to wear off those few extra calories!

We hope y’all had a great Valentine’s Day. The club house was buzzing with a Valentine’s dinner and dance. The band of campground musicians played love songs and ballads – no disco or rock so Barb & I left early!

Barb is busy this week with her regular activities and she is starting a new craft to learn how to make a cutsie teddy bear. I started the caning on Thursday but worked hard to get the chair ready to cane – it was a little rough around the edges! It had to be sanded, nails and screws removed, holes filled a rung and a hip support replaced. Once the caning is done, I’ll re-finish it with varnish.

As I write this entry, the weather has turned wonderful, low 70’s during the day and mid 40’s at night! It’s been great since the cold departed! Hope all is well out there where you are.

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  1. we are so really happy for you guys,,wishing and doing are so far apart,,good for you guys...we had some more snow and some cold weather here ,but this is Canada,,ok hope your chair fits somewhere in your rig ,,and we will be talking to you guys soon ,,should have some pics of the southern carib for us to make you wish you were here hehe..sounds a little mixed up but if you read it twice it makes sense hehe ,welll if you know me it does ,,numbnuts i am..ok ttyl and hugs luv from us to you